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An Egg Can Dream Rolls Out Release Date

Australian indie game developer, Floor Chicken, rolled out some big news including a release date for its upcoming 3D egg platformer, An Egg Can Dream. If players ever wondered what scrambled dreams an egg may have, they can found out next week.

Here’s a story, about an egg that loves its family. This egg will do anything to be with them once more. In fact, this egg is willing to take on the devil himself in order to keep its family safe.

Gameplay takes the traditional platforming experience and cracks it wide open with a unique mechanic. As the egg hatches its escape plan, players will need to master the art of rolling around and making huge jumps while still being careful to not crack. In other words, physics is your friend.

After too many bumps the egg will crack open and die. At least that is one less egg to break for making an omelette.

With the announcement of the release date comes an enormous amount of pressure to ensure that the product that we deliver is everything we promise and then some. We have taken extra caution to ensure that the game is every part fun as it was intended to be even with the steep learning curve involved in the game. I can’t wait for people to finally be able to play the game on May 20th.

Tony Pepperoni, Founder of Floor Chicken

An Egg Can Dream release date is set for May 20, 2020 will a Steam launch for Windows PC. Players can wishlist now for the digital release. For more information visit the game developer’s website at or join the Floor Chicken Official Discord.

An Egg Can Dream Gameplay Trailer | Floor Chicken

Floor Chicken (@TheFloorChicken Twitter) is a video game developer based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2017, the studio saw their first release in December 2017, Shit Storm with Focus following in 2018 and It’s A Racing Game in 2019. The studio is comprised of a small group of friends and family who work to create new gaming experience with their own unique humor.