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Terraforming Earth Environment Update

Indie game studio Lost Robots has released the second major update to their roguelike puzzle platformer Terraforming Earth with the Environment Update. This update is to help convey the message that the planet is Earth with more immersive environments.

Lost Robots put both their environment designer and art director to work in creating genuine environments in the aftermath of a mysterious virus that had wiped out all life on Earth. Now the previously barren landscape is filled with countless props and objects that really sell the point that this is a deserted Earth where humans had recently lived.

From dead trees and plants to the various items that humans left behind are scattered across the environment. Indoor areas have colorful signs, posters and some graffiti. And of course there are the little robots working diligently to bring the humans back.

In the update the level designer also seen a visual upgrade. It now decorates walls and ledges with little details to create a more organic look. The environment update comes almost two months after the first major update titled Drone Danger.

Terraforming Earth with the current Environment Update is available on Steam. The game’s base price while in early access has been dropped by 50% and is now priced at $14.99 USD for Windows or Mac. Players may also purchase the game at

For more information about Terraforming Earth visit the game’s website at or join the official Terraforming Earth Discord. A playlist of various Terraforming Earth Devstreams are available on YouTube.

Terraforming Earth Official Launch Trailer | Lost Robots – Andras Csibi

Lost Robots is a game development studio based in Budapest, Hungary. The studio was founded in 2018 by Andras Csibi (@Andrasforming Twitter), Csaba Kálmán and Lóci Alvégi. Terraforming Earth is the Lost Robots’ first commercial title and is being self-published by the studio.