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Pax Nova Exits Early Access

GreyWolf Entertainment along with publisher Iceberg Interactive have released the 4X strategy game Pax Nova. The release comes after a year of early access that now included the complete main questline, new technologies and new difficulty option.

Explore new worlds and new star systems filled with exciting secrets in this turn-based sci-fi 4X strategy title. Pax Nova features a universe where players lead the fate of one of several factions that are divided among three races. From building new cities to expanding one’s influence there is so much to do as one expands their reach.

The combat system allows for battles on land and in space. Players can customize their units for maximum effectiveness as they wipe out threats. If one prefers they can try their hand at diplomacy and exploit resources in their research efforts. So many possibilities allows for players to plan their strategies and adapt as needed. Included in the full release is a wide array of AI improvements, bug fixes and balance changes.

Pax Nova is available now on digital distribution platforms such as Humble Bundle and Steam at a regular price of $24.99 USD. During the game’s launch week of April 28, 2020 various discounts are being offered from 15% off or more. Additional information about the game can be obtained by visiting the publisher’s game page here.

Pax Nova Launch Trailer | Iceberg Interactive

GreyWolf Entertainment (@GamesByGreyWolf Twitter) is a small game development studio based in Leiria, Portugal. The studio is comprised of ambitious and dedicated individuals who share a strong passion for video games. Dawn of Andromeda was the studio’s first published title in 2017.

Iceberg Interactive (@Iceberg_Int Twitter) is an independent video game publisher based in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Founded in 2009 by an international group of game industry veterans who are also avid gamers. The company works closely with developers from around the world both midsize and indie to bring many exciting games to gamers.

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