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112 Operator Now Responding to Calls on Steam

In the 911 Operator follow-up title from Jutsu Games and Games Operators, 112 Operator is now responding to calls on Steam. The game world of 112 Operator is on a scale 25 times larger than its predecessor.

In the real-time strategy world of 112 Operator, players will manage emergency unit and receive calls from people in various situations. More often than not, the caller is requiring urgent intervention and the role of the player as the emergency line operator is critical in rapid unit response. With one’s best judgement and their own intuition can they determine what is necessary to save as many lives as possible.

Weather presents a challenging and ever changing dynamic to the game. Authentic historical data is used to generate the weather. Day and night along with seasons create different opportunities for natural disasters and other catastrophes. Big fires, criminals, and gang conflicts are only the beginning.

Career mode lets players pick a European city and see if they can handle the work load. From following commands of supervisors to seeing how actions affect those who call for help will players understand what it takes. Mistakes can lead from email reprimand to permanent marks on one’s file. As a player receives promotions they will get to manage other emergency operators and handle the biggest of catastrophes such as tornadoes or massive pile-ups.

Free mode lets one create their own rules. After all every cat in a tree needs a full tactical SWAT response right?

All calls to the switch board will be from people in various situations needing some level of help. There are over 60 new calls each with their own voice-overs. Everything and anything is possible from instruction how to perform CPR to a frightening murder confession. No matter what happens, just remember to say 112, what’s your emergency?

112 Operator is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac at a regular price of $24.99 USD. A special launch week promotion runs until April 30 that discounts that game down to $21.24 USD. For more information on 112 Operator visit the game’s page on the developer’s website here.

112 Operator Launch Trailer | Games Operators

Jutsu Games (@jutsugames Twitter) is a Warsaw, Poland based developer. The term Jutsu is Japanese that means technique, method, spell, skill, or trick and in practice the company wants to make innovative gameplay. Previous released titles include 911 Operator, Rustler, and Modern Wizards.

Games Operators (@GamesOperators Twitter) is a Warsaw, Poland based publishing company that invests, releases, and promotes video games while offering help with the development of innovative and unique titles. Provided by their internal development team, Jutsu Games, Games Operators offer technical and conceptual consultations for entire teams to individual creators.