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Hunter’s Arena: Legends Second Closed Beta

A second closed beta round is happening for Korean based studio Mantisco’s action RPG battle royal hybrid, Hunter’s Arena: Legends. In this second testing phase the number of available slots has doubled from the first test.

Players looking to join in the Hunter’s Arena: Legends second beta can apply here, which involves a simple sign-up form. The second beta runs from April 22 to April 26 with dedicated servers in USA, Europe and Asia. Those that are lucky enough to get into the beta and play 10 or more matches in the battle royale mode will receive an exclusive skin for the Ara and Aiden characters when the game launches on Steam later this year.

With Early Access just around the corner, we have worked hard to improve on players’ feedback regarding the first beta. In addition to that, we have further refined the graphics and optimization.

Yoon Junghyun, Mantisco Founder

Those participating in the beta will get to experience a variety of RPG-style elements such as dungeons and raids alongside a MOBA-like progression system all within a battle royale. To help get players up to speed or for those looking to learn more can check out the new game guide on the game’s website here.

On the Hunter’s Arena: Legends YouTube channel there are a series of videos that show off various game systems, mechanics and some basic guides. Additionally there are a couple of game teaser videos and the teaser video that was shown at the WWE RoyalRumble back in January.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends will be available on Steam as an early access game when it launches later in 2020. Players can wishlist the game now. For more information visit the game’s website here or follow @HuntersArena on Twitter.

Mantisco is a Korean based online game development company that is currently developing the online action RPG Hunter’s Arena: Legends. The game originally known as Project W kicked off in June 2017 and utilizes the Unreal Engine.