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Shooting Blaster Big Bang Boom on Steam

A brand new space bullet hell shoot’em up from SRM Games called Shooting Blaster Big Bang Boom has blasted its way onto Steam. The indie studio behind the space shooter previously released Pit Blocks 3D, a cube matching arcade style puzzle game.

The classic inspired arcade bullet hell shooter features modern HD graphics that can be played on most computers. With over 200 levels full of space ships, laser beams, massive explosions, power-ups, and enemies Shooting Blaster Big Bang Boom evokes that same great feeling previous classic shoot’em ups delivered.

Those interested in the story behind the game will find it rather simple and straight to the point. The human race is in danger from alien invaders and it is up to players to bring back the peace. In other words, players are encouraged to unleashed a bullet hell-storm upon the enemy invaders.

Besides just shooting one’s enemies, ramming is always an option for those who are out of options. Ship progression is unlockable. Players can adjust their difficulty level and the game has full controller support. Steam achievements, stats, leaderboards and cloud support is also available.

Shooting Blaster Big Bang Boom is available now on Steam for Windows PC. Regularly priced at $1.49 USD, interested players can pick up the game with a 10% discount until April 23, 2020. For more information on the game visit the developer’s website at or follow @BlasterBigBoom on Twitter.

Shooting Blaster Big Bang Boom Trailer | SRM Games

SRM Games (@SRMVideoGames Twitter) is a small indie game development team based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2017, the team is devoted to bring back the pure joy of classic games while striving to provide the same perfection and attention to detail as the original classics that has inspired them.