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Horse Riding Deluxe 2 Early Access

Everything about horses from taming to feeding awaits in Horse Riding Deluxe 2, an early access passion project from Loot Inside. The game is planned to be finished by year’s end.

There are a total of 18 horses players can buy from dealers or find and tame in the wild. The world is huge and open for players to explore and find resources.

Horses require grooming. Poor care leads to sick horses and injuries are dangerous. It is critical to clean, feed, and heal one’s horses. Training is available for horses that focuses on agility, top speed and acceleration. Dealers allow players to personalize their horses with saddles, saddlecloths, reins and hair colors.

Action and adventure is a part of the game as a number of quests and 24 different racetracks are available in the world. By completing various tasks one can acquire special rewards and gold. Awarded medals will prove ones ability on track. Currently not all of the rewards and racetracks are implemented in the early access version.

As players acquire more horses they will need to expand their stables. Each stable has room to feed a horse. It is extremely important to have the resources available otherwise the horses cannot be feed and maintain their health.

A total of seven dogs are also available for whose who want a canine companion along with their horses.

Horse Riding Deluxe 2 is available in early access on Steam. Available for Windows PC the game is priced at $19.99 USD.

Horse Riding Deluxe 2 Early Access Trailer | Loot Inside

Loot Inside is a solo game developer based in Germany. Founded in 2016 by Matthias Schäfer, the developer had used the Unreal Engine to produce his first game Horse Riding Deluxe. Both Horse Riding Deluxe and Horse Riding Deluxe 2 are passion projects for the single person studio.