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Silent Sector Space Adventure Early Access

Independent studio, Rake in Grass, has released their space action role-playing adventure, Silent Sector, into early access on Steam. The game plays out like a wild west space story.

Set in a distant part of the galaxy, the hero comes into action losing both his ship and his property. In a new type of gold rush, the pursuit of a valuable mineral called Eldorite, several factions have risen fighting for profit and control. Now the hero must find a way to repay his debt and take revenge against an admiral named Zed.

In this distant place of misery chances for redemption comes in all forms. The hero can become a successful merchant, rich miner, feared mercenary or a famous adventurer.

Inspiration for Silent Sector came from classic games like Elite and Freelancer. Movies such as Last Man Standing and Dirty Harry along with the TV series Firefly provided addition inspiration for the game’s story and backdrop. Silent Sector, unlike similar games, is focused on fights with fast action. In the semi-randomly generated space there are plenty of areas that are interesting stops to explore with quests to complete.

Features of Silent Sector include quick and frenetic battles with more than 40 ships and tens of weapons and upgrade options. Strong faction quests and storylines along with random quests and space events make for interesting and immersive gameplay. An atmospheric soundtrack further helps complete the gameplay experience.

Silent Sector is available now as an early access title on Steam for Windows PC. Priced at $9.99 USD the game is currently on sale until April 18 for $8.99 USD. For more information about Silent Sector visit the game’s page on the developer’s website here.

Silent Sector Early Access Trailer | Rake in Grass

Rake in Grass (@rakeingrass Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Prague, Czech Republic. The studio leaped onto the gaming scene world-wide with the Windows, Mac and Nintendo released of the co-op beat’em up Rampage Knights. In addition the three person team studio has released several other titles since their 2000 founding on many different platforms.