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Slash Roll Early Access Date Revealed

French indie developer NiankSoft has revealed an early access release date for their pouch-building title Slash Roll. The game is designed to bring fans of amateur dice games and casual rogue-like together with original mechanics.

The concept for the generated tavern comes from the idea that the player is someone who is ready to kick back in a local tavern for some leisure time. Whether the player is a mighty hero who was gone on their quest and slayed the spire or just a drunkard spending their time and money, each time a player enters the tavern they will meet strange new characters. All of this happens before reaching the counter and greeting the tavern-keeper.

Pouch-building, similar to the concept of deck-building, lets a player unlock and collect unique dice to build powerful combos suiting their playstyle. Every dice has unique effects and serves different purposes. Some may help, whiles others may be a curse and not every dice has 6 faces.

Players who like to play it safe might want to focus more on defense, where a more venturous type will work towards strong combos. If one prefers to be more calculating, they can evaluate the statistical value of each more and make their turn-based plays.

During the development of Slash Roll the game had seen many different faces. First it started off as a full neural network generated roguelike shoot’em up. Eventually the designed was changed to a card game which led to the dice-based casual roguelike set in a fantasy world tavern. NiankSoft used the Godot 3.2 engine to develop the game.

Slash Roll early access date is set for April 13, 2020 on Steam. More information about the game can be found on its Steam page where players can also add it to their wishlist. Slash Roll will be available on Windows and Linux at an estimated regular price of $11.99 USD.

Slash Roll Early Access Trailer | NiankSoft

NiankSoft (@NiankSoft Twitter) is an indie game development studio based near Strasbourg, France. Slash Roll is the studio’s first game and they are aiming to make something new and challenging for puzzles addicts, dice amateurs, and casual rogue-like fans.