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DwarfHeim RTS Publishing Deal, Fall 2020 Release

Pineleaf Studio and publisher Merge Games have announced their partnership with a publishing deal to bring DwarfHeim to PC for a fall 2020 release. The co-op multiplayer RTS puts players in charge of the defenses of a dwarven city.

Trolls are rivaling dwarven clans, another team of players, are threatening a dwarven city. Players will take on the dangers of Agartha, mine resources and expand the city into the wilds. From a single building, players can create and enhance their different tactics form a stronghold to vanquish all threats. Train an army, gather resources, increase the population and keep the dwarves happy and strong with potent brewed ales.

When we grew up, we loved playing RTS-games, but in recent years the focus has shifted to games we can play with our friends. So at Pineleaf we wanted to create a f*cking REAL co-operational multiplayer RTS. An RTS that you can play with your friends, and that is DwarfHeim.

Hans-Andreas Kleven, CEO of Pineleaf

There are both competitive and co-op multiplayer mode types. In Conquest mode, players team up with 3 other players to tear through an enemy team’s defenses and destroy their town hall. Sandbox mode lets one play the game alone or with up to 3 friends that gives a vast open area to explore and play at a slower pace. Survival mode puts players up against wave after wave of trolls.

Four unique classes operate within the realm of DwarfHeim. Players can choose from Builder, Miner, Warrior and Diplomat. In addition the game features ranked matchmaking that pits players of similar skill against each other. A special Friend-Pass lets players invite their friends along to play on a free downloadable client of DwarfHeim even if they haven’t purchased the game.

DwarfHeim is scheduled for a fall 2020 release and is still currently in development. Players can wishlist the game now on Steam. For more information visit the DwarfHeim website at or follow @DwarfHeim on Twitter.

DwarfHeim Gameplay Teaser | Merge Games

Pineleaf Studio is a is a game developer based in Norway. In 2016, the studio waon Concept of the Year at the Norwegian Game Awards for DwarfHeim. Since then the studio has built up their team with the goal of creating new gameplay experiences together with an active community of players.

Merge Games (@MergeGamesLtd Twitter) is an independent game publisher and distributor based in Manchester, UK. The company publishes and distributes games for PC, console, and mobile devices worldwide. In addition, Merge Games specializes in publishing collectible games for retail and digital distribution for independent developers.