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Pode Co-Op Puzzle Adventure on Steam

From independent Norwegian developer Henchman & Goon comes a self-published co-op puzzle adventure titled Pode to Steam. The casual game has even received praise from celebrity Brie Larson who currently plays as Captain Marvel in the Marvel Universe.

A rock named Bulder and a fallen star named Glo become two unlikely travel companions in this puzzle adventure. They both go on an exploration filled journey within a mysterious and magical mountain full of ruins from a lost civilization. The duo features unique individual talents that when put together can revitalize the environment around them and solve various puzzles. The game can be played alone or with a friend.

We are excited that today PC players can join our adorable duo on their magical adventure. Pode explores themes like inclusiveness, friendship, and teamwork as players work together controlling highly contrasting characters to solve puzzles and reinvigorate the environment around them as a team.

Yngvill Hopen, Game Director and CEO, Henchman & Goon

Artistic inspiration for Pode came from Norwegian art and culture. The musical track was composed by the acclaimed Austin Wintory.

Pode is available on Steam for Windows PC players at a regular price of $19.99 USD. In celebration of the game’s launch, a special promotion discounting the game down to $17.99 USD runs until April 10, 2020.

The game was previously released on the Nintendo Switch and PS4 at a price of $24.99 USD on both platforms. For more information about Pode visit the game’s website at or follow @podegame on Twitter.

Pode Trailer | Henchman & Goon

Henchman & Goon (@henchmangoon Twitter) is an indie game studio based in Bergen, Norway. Founded in 2012, the studio seeks to create enjoyable games that give positive experience with a lasting impression. Previously the studio released the free to play Flem on Steam.