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Project Xandata 3v3 Shooter Closed Beta Details

The Closed Beta for IDC/Games online free to play 3v3 competitive shooter, Project Xandata is coming in April. Fast-paced action and and skill-based team gameplay is at the core of Project Xandata.

Developed by Secret6, the arena shooter will feature 3 game modes, 3 maps, and 3 classes to choose from in the closed beta. Players who enter the arena become a Xandat who are one of the best soldiers Xandaigdig has to offer. With combined strength, technology and weaponry of the Seven Great Nations, a new breed of warriors that battled against other-worldly enemies and brought the world back from the brink of extinction, take to battle in an arena to prove themselves the best.

Skirmish, Annihilation and Corruption are the three game modes. In Skirmish, players battle in a time-limited battle where each enemy kill earns a point for the team. Annihilation faces enemies off against each other with each team having a fixed number of revives. Last team standing wins.

Corruption mode allows teams to score points by collecting shards dropped by fallen opponents. Points can be denied to the enemy by collecting the dropped shards from fallen teammates. On occasion an obelisk will spawn that when destroyed will drop multiple shards. The team with the most points or reaches the point goal wins the match.

Project Xandata will start its closed beta in April. The game will be available for PC users at the IDC/Games platform with localizations in English, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish and Turkish.

Project Xandata Closed Beta Teaser Trailer | IDC/Games

Secret 6 Inc. (@secret6inc Twitter) is a veteran game development based in San Francisco, the Philippines, and Madrid. The studio specializes in 3D art for AAA titles, 2D art, and full game production across all platforms.

IDC/Games (@IDCgames Twitter) is a game publisher for PC and mobile games that is based in Spain. The company is a part of Nvia Group and specializes in taking games to the global marketplace with over 10 years of experience.