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Project: Longtail Music Video Trailer

Hologram Monster has published a story trailer in the form of a music video for their 3D adventure platformer Project: Longtail. In the trailer, a conflict between two brothers is introduced in the vibrant visual game world full of mystical energy.

The game is made in the style of PS2 era 3D platformer classics, Project: Longtail focuses on fast paced platforming through discovery and fun puzzles. Movement, combat, quests, missions, bosses bring adventure and fun for players as they travel and explore the multidimensional world. All of these features are presented with modern twists and stunning visuals.

In the music trailer, the song is performed by OK! You Blackheart, a Finnish indie folk rock band. Besides the colorful and vibrant visuals displayed in the music video, more beautiful screenshots and art elements are available for viewing on the Project: Longtail Twitter feed.

Also, on the Hologram Monster YouTube channel features a Pre-Alpha trailer with some gameplay footage and some videos about the 3D design in the game. In 2018, Project: Longtail was pitched on Square Enix Collective with an 87% Yes vote with lots of community feedback. More of the game’s story and a brief introduction to some of the characters are also included on the game’s pitch page.

Project: Longtail is currently in development using the Unreal Engine 4 and being made for PC and consoles. For more information on Project: Longtail visit the game’s website at, follow @Longtailgame on Twitter or join the Longtail Discord.

Project: Longtail – Lighthouse by OK! You Blackheart | Hologram Monster

Hologram Monster (@HologramMonster Twitter) is a game development studio from Tampere, Finland. The studio focuses on 3D platformer and action adventure games. With over ten years of combined experience, the team has worked on games such as Cities: Skylines, Knights of Pen and Paper 2, Cities in Motion 2 and many others.