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Speed Limit Arcade Style Shooter Demo on Steam

Gamechuck has released a demo on Steam for their take on a daily train commute that has gone completely wrong in Speed Limit. Done is classic arcade style 2D pixel art with an old-school shooter experience the action has no time to slow down.

Key features of Speed Limit include running, driving, flying and dying many times over. As a single player throwback to golden-era arcade games, Speed Limit creates a genre-switching roller coaster ride that will put player’s to the test. Just when one believes they’ve learned how the game works, it will change to a completely different genre.

Other modes are unlockable such as Endless, Infinite and Ghost modes. At the full game release, Speed Limit will include a retrospective booklet on the history of arcades and the development process of Speed Limit and Gamechuck Arcades. Key art exhibited at Art in Games Festival in Rijeka and an original soundtrack made with analog synths will also be available.

In addition a three part series, a making-of video documentary will be available. Part 1 is currently available that discusses 1990s movies and retro gaming.

The demo for Speed Limit is available on the game’s Steam page. A release is planned for Q2 2021 and players can currently add the game to their wishlist. For more information about Speed Limit visit the game’s page at the developer’s website here.

Speed Limit Steam Demo Trailer | Gamechuck

Gamechuck (@gamechuckdev Twitter) is a a video game and hardware developer based in Zagreb, Croatia. The company was founded in 2017 and began with a series of interactive comics that branched into games such as the retro-styled action Speed Limit and the large-scale narrative-driven adventure Trip the Ark Fantastic. Currently the company is developing its own arcade gaming system, the Gamechuck Arcade that takes inspiration from retro coin-operated machines.