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Dwarrows Out Now on Steam

Lithic Entertainment has released Dwarrows, their peaceful third-person adventure and cozy town-building game, on Steam today. With today’s launch, Dwarrows is available for Windows, Mac and Linux along with the full OST.

The world of Dwarrows takes place in a 3D hand-crafted environment that gives a comfortable and cozy vibe. By taking town-building elements the game creates a different take on the action and adventure genre.

Players go out into a new settlement where they grow and build it up. Resources are acquired by searching and exploring the lush forests. Through their travels and exploration, players will meet interesting characters that each have their own unique personality traits who may want to join the settlement.

Sometimes even a friendly critter may cross the players path which they can befriend that will follow on their journey. While gathering resources and exploring the lands, mysterious places present the opportunity find lost artifacts.

As the settlement grows new structures can be discovered and unlocked. There are three different and unique skilled characters which players can choose to quest and explore the peaceful world.

A long time ago, the three of us set out to make a meaningful world and a place that we’d want to visit. Today, we can finally share that place with everyone else and I couldn’t be more excited.

Alain Bellemare, co-founder of Lithic Entertainment

Back in January, Lithic Entertainment set a February 28, 2020 release date for Dwarrows. The digital retail launch comes after the game received successful backing on Kickstarter in October 2016.

We are really excited and grateful to finally release Dwarrows. We’ve received so much love and support from so many people and it means so much to the team and to me.

Andy Wood, co-founder of Lithic Entertainment

Dwarrows is now available on PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam for $29.99 USD. In addition, the game’s full OST by composer Neil Quillen is available for $9.99 USD. The game will becoming to the Xbox One with a future to be announced release date. For more information about Dwarrows visit the game’s website at or join the Dwarrows Discord at

Dwarrows Official Trailer | Lithic Entertainment

Lithic Entertainment (@LithicEnt Twitter) is a game developer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The studio is comprised of three tenacious and patient developers with a studio mission to create unique and engaging games and experiences.