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Foregone 2D Platformer on Epic Games Store

Big Blue Bubble has released their 2D action platformer and looter, Foregone, on the Epic Games Store as an early access title. A full release along with versions for major consoles planned for later this year.

The game was first announced as an Epic Games Store exclusive during the 2019 Game Awards. With today’s early access release players are able to experience the audio and visual beauty of the vibrant pixel artwork and award-winning music. At MIGS 2019, the Montreal International Game Summit, Big Blue Bubble received an award for the musical composition work on Foregone.

Foregone is a huge accomplishment for our studio and a game that we’ve wanted to make for a very long time. This launch marks our return to PC and console development after nearly a decade, so we’re thrilled to finally let the world get their hands on the game.

Damir Slogar, Founder & CEO of Big Blue Bubble

Players, in game, take on the role as the strongest Arbiter in the city of Calagan. Tasked with investigating a sudden reemergence of Harrow, an all-corrupting evil, players face-off against numerous enemies and epic bosses. Whether it be hacking and slashing or shooting and blasting, players can collect a wide range of upgradeable loot that the heroine Arbiter will use on her journey.

Intense combat is at the heart of the game as players travel through the narrative gameplay and uncover the truth behind the Harrow. Using modern 3D animation technology and retro visuals, Big Blue Bubble was able to create fast and fluid pixel artwork animations.

Foregone is available now in early access on the Epic Games Store at a price of $24.99 USD. For more information about Foregone visit the game’s website at or follow @ForegoneGame on Twitter.

Foregone Early Access Trailer | Big Blue Bubble

Big Blue Bubble (@BigBlueBubble Twitter) is a game developer based in London a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2002, the established game developer with more than 100 games, maintains their proven track record of being first to market with a variety of innovations in technology and game design. The company continues their commitment to produce fun and engaging games.