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Mystic Pillars Steam Launch Date Set

Holy Cow Productions is happy to be bringing their first game title, Mystic Pillars, to Steam with a launch date in early March. The game, currently out on iOS, is a puzzle adventure in an immersive narrative across ancient India.

The game re-imagines the traditional Indian board game Ali Guli Mane or Chenne Mane in Kannada. It is similar to the popular board game Mancala that is known around the world.

Originally, Mystic Pillars was called Sort as the gameplay involved sorting items in a specific way to solve the puzzle. As level designs progressed, the development team moved away from a linear design. The developers moved on to create a different experience around the puzzles. By combining the puzzles with an original story based in Ancient India players are exposed to the rich South Indian culture and its tradition.

There are over 100 logical puzzles that are unique that operate alongside the story with more being revealed as the player plays. Colorful hand-drawn 2D art with animated cutscenes featuring voice over in English and Kannada the local language in Bangalore, India help tell the story of a mysterious traveler.

Set in the kingdom of Zampi that is currently in a deep drought, the mysterious traveler offers to help restore the previously prosperous kingdom. Through their ability to solve puzzles, the traveler can destroy the magical pillars blocking the water. During the the travels across the kingdom, players will meet the people of Zampi and uncover the events that led to the kingdom’s downfall.

Mystic Pillars is set for a March 4, 2020 launch date on Steam. The price for PC players will be $6.99 USD. Currently, Mystic Pillars is available on the Apple App Store for iOS and is coming soon to the Google Play Store for Android users. Both mobile versions are priced at $3.99 USD.

Mystic Pillars Steam Announce Trailer | Holy Cow Productions

Holy Cow Productions (@HolyCowGames Twitter) is a small team of passionate game developers. Founded in 2014 and based in Bangalore, India, the team focuses on creating quality games for PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Mystic Pillars is the studio’s latest release.