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Quantum League FPS Open Beta Date

Indie developer Nimble Giant Entertainment has announced that their new time-paradox FPS, Quantum League, enters open beta with a date set for later this week. The multiplayer shooter is an online FPS where players battle with a time loop.

Now when someone says go play with yourself, one actually can go play with themself. With the imaginative addition of the time loop, players can tactically team up with their past versions in matches to achieve victory. The innovative shooter features 1v1 and 2v2 matches and is based in an alternate universe where time travel has completely rewritten the rulebook for professional sports.

Each round features all of the players actions from the previous rounds with past versions of them running around. Meaning their so-called clone will run, shoot, and move exactly as they did. In the dynamic and fast paced action, players will need to pay attention to their past selves. If any of their versions takes lethal damage they will become desynced from that timeloop and need to save their clone in the next time loop.

Scoring is done when a team member is alive on the capture point at the end of the third and final time loop. The game is called when a team reached the required number of points for victory.

Player’s interested in participating in the free open beta when it lands on February 21 will need to visit the Quantum League Free Open Beta Steam page and follow the simple directions of wishlisting the game.

Quantum League’s Open Beta is a great opportunity for players to test their skill and experiment with the time loop mechanic. We can’t wait to see the new strategies players will discover.

Balthazar Auger, Lead Designer at Nimble Giant Entertainment

The Quantum League open beta date is set for February 21, 2020. The game’s early access release is scheduled for later in 2020 and will be available on Steam and the beta on the Quantum League Free Open Beta page. For more information about Quantum League or their Open Beta visit the game’s website at or follow @QuantumLeague on Twitter.

Quantum League Athlete Recruitment Trailer | Nimble Giant Entertainment

Nimble Giant Entertainment (@NimbleGiantEnt Twitter) is an independent game developer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2002, the company is one of the leading game development studios in Latin America. The studio’s first release was Champions of Regnum and the first commercial MMORPG made in the region.