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Satisfactory Update 3 & Steam News

Coffee Stain Studios made some big announcements today for Satisfactory that included Steam release news and the much teased Update 3. With today’s update comes the introduction of pipes adding a whole new layer of complexity to factory design and management.

For players who have been locked away in some dark assembly room, Satisfactory is a vast first-person factory builder experience on an exotic alien world. Focusing on space exploration and the freedom to design and build complex industrial structures, Satisfactory allows 1-4 players to put their factory management skills to the test.

Today’s Update 3 is the third major update for the game and comes nearly one year after the early access launch of Satisfactory. In addition to pipes, the Pioneers or FICSIT Inc. have access to the tools necessary to command the flow of fluid oil resources and harness the power of the water extractor. All of this can be done using pipes, flow indicators, pipe pumps, fluid tanks, and oil refineries.

Pipes are, unfortunately, the star of this show. I have been meme-tormenting our community for over 1.5 years while doing everything I can to stave off the inclusion of pipes. I resorted to blackmail, conspiracy, and anonymous threats within the company but alas, pipes managed to claw its way into an otherwise perfect video game. All I wanted was to be happy. Community 1 – Jace 0.

Jace Varlet, Community Manager, Coffee Stain Studios

Production must always be running and with the new Resource Sink feature means that production will never halt as excess inventory is consumed. Coupons are given in return to be spent on the factory with new constructs such as glass walls and floors.

FICSIT Inc. has also conquered new territory granting Pioneers new starting areas to explore with resources to exploit in the redesigned Dune Desert biome. Pioneers themselves have gained new abilities making them more agile than ever before with the ability to crouch and slide. The whole game has seen a rebalance and a massive list of technical fixes, improvements, and optimizations. A full list of changes in Update 3 can be found on the Satisfactory website.

Satisfactory with Update 3 is currently available on the Epic Games Store for $29.95 USD. The Steam platform release is coming soon. More information about Satisfactory can be found on the game’s website at or by following @SatisfactoryAF on Twitter.

Satisfactory Update 3 Reveal Trailer | Coffee Stain Studios

Coffee Stain Studios (@Coffee_Stain Twitter) is made up of three teams: Coffee Stain Studios, Coffee Stain North, and Coffee Stain Publishing. Coffee Studios was founded in 2010 and is located in Skövde, Sweden. Coffee Stain North was founded in 2013 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Coffee Stain Publishing started in 2017 and is also working to publish games from other developers.