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Omnibion War Declares Shoot’em Sci-Fi Action

Indie developer Crazy Bullet and 1C Entertainment have set the battle-lines for the shoot’em up sci-fi action blaster Omnibion War. Plus there is a high-tech space jet that transforms into a flying mech.

Set in a futuristic sci-fi space environment, Omnibion War takes inspiration from classics such as Aces of the Galaxy, Panzer Dragoon and the Star Fox series. Players are thrown into the pilot seat for this 3D rail shooter where they control a high-tech military space jet that can also transform into a fly mech at the touch of a button. With this fancy gear, players can blast their way through the galaxy and take down thousands of enemy Hellhounds while preventing them from acquiring an ancient deadly weapon called Omnibion.

The story of Omnibion War takes place 5 years after the Coalition of United Colonies or CUC, were victorious over the Omnigans. Fragile peace and prosperity was cast into chaos once more as the once CUC allies, the Hellhounds, unleash their mayhem. Their ultimate goal is to control the ancient Omnibion weapon created by the Omnigans. Now it is up to Jaedan, an ace pilot of the late Icarus squad, to fire up his mighty A.A.V.G. gunship and save the galaxy once more.

Several environments are available with diverse objectives. Some occur in the vacuum of space while others in lava deserts or underwater realms of distant planets. The A.A.V.G. or Automatic Artillery of Variable Geometry gunship allows players to use its vast destructive potential using the most comfortable means necessary to take out enemy Hellhounds and bosses. Two game modes, rail shooter or free flight allow players to enjoy the retro vibe however they please.

From completing various mission objectives to exploring parts of the universe, players can count on a steady stream of enemies to blast. Along the way earned experience unlock new weapons and upgrades. No one ever knows what the future holds, but one thing is certain that this will be an intense and exciting shoot’em up journey where there is no time to lift a finger off the trigger.

Omnibion War is available now on Humble Bundle and Steam for PC at a regular price of $6.99 USD. Special launch promotions discounting the game down will run until February 13, 2020.

Omnibion War Launch Trailer | 1C Entertainment

Crazy Bullet Studio is an independent developer from Santiago, Chile. Founded in 2015 the studio started work on Infineon and was soon after Greenlit by the Steam community. The project was later renamed Omnibion War.

1C Entertainment (@1C_Company Twitter) is a game publishing and distribution company with over 100 game title launches. The company is an international group of offices in Warsaw, Gdansk, Prague, Budapest and Moscow which all work to release video games for all platforms through their global network of partners.

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