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Terraforming Earth Roguelite Early Access

Lost Robots released their first commercial title, Terraforming Earth, a roguelite side-scrolling puzzle platformer as an early access title today.

The story of Terraforming Earth takes place in the distant future after humanity has become extinct and all life has disappeared from the solar system. Three separate and quirky robots with different abilities are available for players to control similar to Lost Vikings or Trine. Using the robots in conjunction with each other only then can the player solve each of the procedurally generated levels and uncover the mystery in an effort to restore life on Earth.

As mentioned, all of the levels are procedurally generated using an AI from a set of obstacles. This creates an unexpected randomness not seen in other 2D roguelite puzzle-platformers. With the random nature, players are put into the mindset of problem-solving and planning rather than route memorization. In addition all of the music is procedurally generated in a collaboration from Gabor Deutsch (Anorganik) who composed the original sound track and designed the soundscapes for the Deep Learning based music generator developed at Decent Labs.

For the early access release, both solo and local co-op modes are included. The game features full controller support and optional challenges with permadeath and time-pressure. In approximately six months the full version of the game is planned for release that will include more obstacles and enemy types.

A curation system similar to that of Mario Maker’s is supported. Players have the option on the world map to choose between missions that are freshly generated or missions starred by other players in the community. Additionally, a players starred levels will also appear on other players’ maps.

Terraforming Earth is available as an early access game for Windows or Mac on Steam or Regularly priced at $29.99 USD, a special promotion runs until February 6, 2020 on Steam discounting the game down to $25.49 USD.

For more information about Terraforming Earth visit the game’s website at or join the official Terraforming Earth Discord. A playlist of various Terraforming Earth Devstreams are available on YouTube.

Terraforming Earth Official Launch Trailer | Lost Robots – Andras Csibi

Lost Robots is a game development studio based in Budapest, Hungary. The studio was founded in 2018 by Andras Csibi (@Andrasforming Twitter), Csaba Kálmán and Lóci Alvégi. Terraforming Earth is the Lost Robots’ first commercial title which is also being self-published by the studio.