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Bonfire RPG Free Demo on Steam

MoaCube the developer and publisher of the upcoming rapid roguelike RPG clicker Bonfire, released a free demo on Steam ahead of the game’s release.

In the Bonfire free demo, players are treated with a preview of the deep tactical RPG and its rapid battle system featuring heroes that care a little too much. The highly polished demo plays out over six in-game areas for the player to experience.

The gloomy world of Bonfire is the stage for Hildie and her misfit group of heroes. Past the point of saving, the desolate environment is home to the Faceless Overlord of the Mournfolk who the heroes quest against. The cause may seem hopeless, but that is what Hildie loves.

Key features of the game includes a rapid and fast-paced click RPG with deep tactics based off simple rules. The world is procedurally generated and the story about the journey and failure are told within a procedural structure.

Short and intense gameplay sessions with turn-based combat give the player room to totally nerd out and try various builds, tactics, and more. The cast itself is an odd group of survivors struggling to survive with showers of blood and golden coins. Combining plans that go awry, crazy builds that somehow work, and quick gameplay help bind the cute-sad story behind Bonfire.

Bonfire will enter early access on Steam later in 2020. The Bonfire free demo is available now on the game’s Steam page. For more information visit the game’s page on the MoaCube website.

Bonfire Trailer | MoaCube

MoaCube is a small collective of indie game developers started by two industry veterans, designer Tom Grochowiak (@TomGrochowiak Twitter) and artist Gracjana Zielinska. The aim of MoaCube is to make games that are diverse, personal, and highly polished. Previous works of the studio includes Cinders and Solstice.