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Vilmonic Artificial Life Sim on Android & iOS

Indie developer Bludgeonsoft has evolved their living world of pixels game, Vilmonic, to include Android and iOS in addition to the desktop.

What first appears to be a simple and cute 2D sandbox life simulation is really a much deeper look into what factors affect survival and evolution. The unique pixel lifeforms’ color and shape is a representation of their programmatically generated genes. Simply put, the genes determine the color and shape which determines nutrient and environmental needs.

Players can use observation and experimentation to discover the hidden rules of Vilmonic’s world and biology. One can choose to casually sit back and let natural selection decide, or they can try to play god and let the gene modification and environmental manipulation begin.

One important note and there is also a story to the game. There is a mysterious history waiting to be discovered with eons of junk, trash, and ancient technologies waiting to be discovered. However, players are not alone as there are others, the selfish zombitons, who simply don’t care about the player or their work.

The mobile version of the game were released on January 17, 2020. The official desktop release was on November 5, 2018.

Vilmonic is available free-to-play on iOS and Android. The game is also available on Steam or for Windows, Mac, and Linux and is priced at $14.99 USD. The Vilmonic Soundtrack is also available for $9.99 USD. A lite browser-based version of the game is also available for players to try on the site. For more information about Vilmonic, visit the game’s website at or join the Official Vilmonic Discord at

Vilmonic Artificial Life and Genetics Evolution Simulator Sandbox | Bludgeonsoft

Bludgeonsoft (@Bludgeonsoft Twitter) is a single person studio founded by Mark Stramaglia and is based out of Oakland, California. Founded in 2012, the company has several music titles such as BackToBasicsWMCP, and Abominaclavia. In addition the studio has won honorable mention at International Festival of Electroacoustic Music in Bourges, France.