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Hayfever is Pollen for a February Release Date

Pixadome along with Zordix Publishing have set a February release date for Hayfever and they are pollen out all the stops. With today’s announcement also comes a new game trailer.

With the Hayfever release date now all set, players should be glad to hear that there are 140 levels spread across four seasons. The story follows postman Thomas on his journey to deliver packages and recover 240 lost letters. If it weren’t for Thomas’ allergies he wouldn’t be in this situation. However, because of his allergies, with pollen for example, he can sneeze hard enough to fly. Other allergens such as peanuts and smog grant Thomas various powers to help him navigate the four seasons of challenging hazards.

Thomas must deliver the mail. Even though nature is against him with his allergies, it is not the only threat. Bees, scarecrows, snowmen, and tough end bosses for each season all stand in Thomas’ way in getting the mail delivered.

The game presents a cute outer layer with a hard and challenging core. Levels in the game are designed to be replayed and mastered. Getting to the end of the game’s four seasons is a tough challenge. Collecting every lost letter along the way even more challenging.

Built for speed, this platformer challenges players to keep up the pace as the mail should never be late. As a fast-paced and challenging 2D platformer, players will want to challenge themselves and friends to speedruns through the retro pixel art world. Along the journey players will be treated to a whimsical soundtrack composed by Kristoffer Engman better known ass Knasibas.

Hayfever is scheduled to launch, February 25, 2020 on Steam for PC and Mac as well as the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One consoles. The game is regularly priced at $14.99 USD and a special 15% launch discount is planned. For more information on Hayfever visit the game’s website at

Hayfever Trailer | Zordix

Pixadome (@Pixadome_Games Twitter) is a virtual indie studio based in Luleå, Sweden. The studio consists of two people who work remotely with other creators to bring their projects to life. Their aim is to bring carefully crafted games with tons of personality. The Hayfever team consists of five individuals.

Zordix Publishing (@ZordixGames Twitter) is a division under Zordix AB that was founded in 2009 and is based in Umeå, Sweden. The publishing division is focused on helping independent studios take their games to market and is licensed to publish on all major platforms. Additionally they assist the studios with marketing, management, porting, and publishing.