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The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines Q3 2020 PC Release

Publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild and developer tinyDino Games plan to release their fantasy shooter, The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines, on PC in Q3 2020.

In this time-manipulating twin-stick shooter, players will be utilizing a unique battle system the combines constant action along with the ability to temporarily slow time. Using “completely accurate medieval spell casting and swordplay,” this game lets players strategically engage their enemies through evasion, repositioning, and timing.

As the story of Gregor, the last of the Ambassadors of Time, unfolds, players will learn why he is the last and his comrades are all dead. By blasting and slashing his way through an enemy army and avenging his fallen colleagues will Gregor then uncover the truth behind the attack on the Eternal Fellowship in the capital city of Tamaris.

We like to think of it as a mashup of all the indie games we enjoyed while learning how to make games ourselves. Because of this, you will notice elements of Braid, Crawl, The Binding of Isaac, and Nuclear Throne all tossed together into a new and shiny twin-stick shooter.

tinyDino Games on how The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines was conceived

Featuring rustic pixel art styling, the game features multiple unique environments. The game creates an exciting adventure through time, the fourth dimension where along the way one learns that every hero needs some friends and allies are key.

Spanning over 65 levels, four unique environments, and two timelines, The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines is a vast world composed of fortresses, tall mountains, dense forests, and the smoldering ruins of Tamaris. An armory of weapons, magic trinkets, and armor will aid Gregor on his journey. In addition there are 20 hidden journals that contain the history of the realm and 10 hidden levels full of secrets.

Multiple difficulty settings range from easy to head banging into the desk hard mode will be available.

The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines is planned to have a Q3 2020 release on Steam for PC. Interested players can add the game to their wishlist now.

The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines – Announcement Trailer | The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild

tinyDino Games (@tinyDinoGames Twitter) is a small two-person studio based in Chicago, Illinois and Austin, Texas. The company was founded in 2014 by Ryan Throw and TJ Acre and find inspiration in the games they grew up with and mythologies from around the globe. Both love making games and put everything into delivering a unique experience for players. The Ambassador: Fractured Timelines is their first premium title.

The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild (@QuantumApG Twitter) was created in 2011 by Ty Taylor, a Forbes 30 Under 30 inductee. The Seattle, Washington based company’s first game, The Bridge, was released in 2013 and was featured in various competitions and festivals around the world. Tumblestone was their second title released in 2013. In 2019, the company announced it would begin publishing third-party indie titles leading with Almost There: The Platformer. With a recently expanded team, the company plans to bring additional indie gems such as Sail Forth and Deleveled to PC and consoles.