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The Longest Road on Earth Kickstarter Ending Soon

There are only a few days left to back The Longest Road on Earth, an immersive interactive experience from a team of four people who most are a part of the Brainwash Gang.

Unlike other games that players are accustomed to seeing, The Longest Road On Earth has no goals, no rush for rewards. The entire experience is designed to immerse players into the lives of several characters who live in their daily routines in their own unique world.

Players are offered the chance to get involved into the lives of these different characters by living through different moments of their daily situations while leaving it up to the player to interpret what happens in the time periods not shown to them. This allows for each player to be a part of the story where they create their own version of what happens during the in-between moments.

Since the launch of the Kickstarter on December 3, 2019, the campaign has received 85% of their funding goal. Now in the last days of the campaign the developers are doing a final push to expose players and potential backers of the beautiful pixel art world with a fascinatingly intimate soundtrack that completes the immersive experience. With funding, the team hopes to bring the 4 chapters of the full game to completion.

The Longest Road on Earth is in its final days of its Kickstarter campaign that is scheduled to end on January 7, 2020 at 8:51 AM PST. Currently the campaign has raised a little over 85% of the €10,000 or approximately $11,170 USD goal. To learn more about The Longest Road On Earth or back the project visit its Kickstarter campaign page or follow @RoadOnEarth on Twitter.

The Longest Road on Earth – Trailer | Arturo Monedero

The Longest Road on Earth consists of four members. Arturo Monedero (The Deer) has been working in game development for 14 years and is in charge of the game’s production and narrative design. Beícoli (The Cat) has worked a songwriter, singer, and game developer since 2015 and provides writing and signing for the game. Mohammed Bakir (The Vulture) since 2008 has worked with animation and pixel art and is in charge of environment art and animation for the project. Edu Verz (The Weasel) is an independent game developer who started creating games with the Brainwash Gang and is working on the game’s aesthetics, graphics development, and programming.