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Weekly Rewind: December 28, 2019

Welcome to the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for December 28, 2019.

This past week was cut short on a lot of gaming news with the holiday and with it comes a short Weekly Rewind. Jingle Jam 2019 is about to end along with the Dreadlands Public Beta and The Sapling posted a small patch.

Jingle Jam 2019 End is Near

Gaming’s largest charity fundraiser, Jingle Jam 2019 is getting ready to end soon. The aim of the charity event is to raise millions for worthy causes all over the planet. According to The Yogscast website over $2.65 million has been raised so far since December 1.

Jingle Jam first launched in 2011 and since has raised over $15 million for charity causes. In 2018, approximately 90,000 gamers helped to donate $3.3 million to good causes. The Humble Jingle Jam Bundle has the backing of publishers from around the world with games representing a wide range of genres from various developers.

The Humble Jingle Jam 2019 Bundle is available for purchase over at Humble Bundle with a minimum $30 USD donation and ends on December 31, 2019. Currently over 79,000 bundles have been sold featuring hundreds of dollars worth of games with 100% going towards charity.

Humble Jingle Jam 2019 Bundle
Humble Jingle Jam 2019 Bundle

Dreadlands Beta Ending Soon

Time is running out for players to participate in the Beta PvP season of Dreadlands from developer Blackfox Studios and publisher Fatshark. The Dreadlands public beta has also seen a series of updates addressing everything from quality of life issues such as logging channel spam to game breaking bugs such as NPC spam clicking game crash.

In addition, patches during the open beta increased the gang level max to 3 and players can now be seen on the map by pressing M while on the worldmap. Blue dots currently represent players and grey dots are missions. The dawn, day, dusk, and night cycle has also been added to the worldmap.

Combat has seen some changes with how hammed weapons work. At the end of a fight, jammed weapons are now unjammed. However, a weapon has a small chance to break, which will require repairs in a players Hideout.

PvP has seen the addition of daily challenges and a new inducement or rather a PvP underdog system has been added. It should be noted that both of these systems are in the early testing stage so bugs and other issues may arise. The addition of these systems is to give testers a sneak peek on what is currently being worked on.

Dreadlands is scheduled to release sometime in Q1 2020 on Steam.

Dreadlands public beta is set to conclude on December 31, 2019. Players looking to join the beta can still sign up on the Dreadlands Beta Steam page. A Discord server is also available and the latest information about the game can be found on its website at or follow @playdreadlands on Twitter.

The Sapling – Small Patch

The Sapling from solo indie developer Wessel Stoop released a small patch after the holiday. According to a tweet on the game’s Twitter account, along with positive feedback from the gaming community, two major bugs had been identified and should be fixed in the new patch.

Also, addressing community feedback for the early access title the unintuitive camera controls and lack of feedback for long time jumps has been addressed. Some players had noticed occasional low FPS and work has been done to improve the low FPS issue.

The Sapling is now available as an early access release on Steam priced at $7.99 USD. The game is also available on for Windows and Linux at a suggested price of $7.00 USD, and on Gamejolt and Kartridge. All of the latest information about The Sapling can be found at the game’s website or follow @thesaplinggame on Twitter.

The Sapling Micro-Trailer | Wessel Stoop

Thank you for checking out the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for December 28, 2019. Be sure to check back next Saturday for the latest edition of Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind.

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