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Impossiball – Gamers Challenge Out Today

Players looking to check their skill can do so by controlling a ball in Impossiball – Gamers Challenge from DMD Interactive. This 3D platformer is almost unbeatable and it hates you, the player.

Unlike other ball puzzle games, Impossiball only allows players to control acceleration and direction of the ball. Even with the simple mechanics, this game is frustrating and extremely challenging for players. The addition of elevators, keys, activators, traps, physics, and gravity bring layers of complexity that make most levels difficult if not nearly impossible.

Key features of the game include a big red ball which players control. There are many difficulty frustrating levels filled with Easter-eggs and achievements. The tiny unmerciful world will let players measure their skills and give reason to challenge friends to see who really is the best.

It was mentioned that this game hates the player and it does. There are no explanations for anything. Players will fail levels all the time. Few will be able to make it through all the levels. And in case someone does, there is a hardmode just to make things even more challenging. The game is designed to create a love it and despise it feeling, but satisfaction lies at the end of a level once it is beaten.

Impossiball – Gamers Challenge is now available on Steam for PC and is priced at $5.99 USD. A special promotion runs until December 23, 2019 that drops the game’s price down to $5.39 USD.

DMD Interactive is a small indie self-publishing studio that tries to create fun low-poly games. Based in Germany, the studio’s first title, Impossiball was solely developed by the studio’s founder. Currently the studio has three developers and is working on a space shooter game called Spark.