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HELLSEED Announced for October 2020 Release

First person horror adventure set in 1980 Italy, HELLSEED, is planned for an October 2020 release from Profenix Studio SRLS. In addition, HELLSEED will be the first title developed by the studio using their proprietary engine S2ENGINE HD.

The game isn’t just about a horror adventure. HELLSEED also contains puzzles and some action elements and presented in a chapter format. Players take on the role of a detective who is charged with investigating the missing colleague of some doctors who run a psychiatric hospital in the province of Turin in Italy.

Naturally when investigating a missing person, one would start their research at the house of the missing doctor. While in the house several strange occurrences will happen with a seemingly dark presence following the player wherever they go. Questions will start arise such as what does this presence want? What is the relation between the presence and the doctor? Is the doctor really missing or is he dead?

Questions like the ones asked and many more will be discovered and possibly answered as the truth is uncovered in Chapter 1 of HELLSEED. The best advice while on this journey for the truth is to be careful and don’t panic or else someone may try to catch the detective and drag them to hell.

The game features realistic graphics derived from the power of the S2ENGINE HD. This allows players to be completely immersed into the photorealistic environment of being in the detective’s own shoes. Elements of the environment and atmosphere are inspired by classic Italian horror cinematography featuring jumpscares and references to Italian beliefs.

Players will discover, as the detective, all the secrets of the house and its tenants. With the aid of their well-structure inventory, players will be able to collect, examine, and save objects for use in solving puzzles. At a certain point in the gameplay a dark presence will start to chase the player giving reason to run and hide using what objects are available in the environment.

HELLSEED Chapter 1 is planned for an October 2020 early access release on Steam. Players can now add the game to their wishlist.

Profenix Studio SRLS (@ProfenixStaff Twitter) is an indie company based in Benevento, Italy. It was born from the Profenix Studio di Fabio Di Paola based in Naples. Since its founding in 2006, Profenix Studio has been involved in next-gen PC gaming technology development and powered many titles such as Power of Destruction, I’m not alone, and BlackSoul. The studios new and powerful game engine S2ENGINE HD, the studio aims to become a valuable reference point for indie game developers worldwide.