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Tribes of Midgard Last Open Beta Begins

A final round of testing is beckoning in Tribes of Midgard as Norsfell hosts the last open beta before the game launches into early access. Up to 10 players can participate in the co-op survival as Rangers, Guardians, Brawlers, and Wardens who will explore procedurally generated lands, craft legendary weapons, defend their homes, and possibly even prevent Ragnarök.

The game’s developer has hosted prior open beta tests which have focused on introducing certain features of the game and core systems. In this third and last open beta a whole host of new features will provide returning players and new players alike the best tools for their fight.

While the Giants continue their warpath to Asgard, it is up to players to band together and defend their village. Preparations for the onslaught must be made. Materials will need to be gathered to create more powerful weapons and armor. As the dark elves, trolls, and other creatures from Hel march one can rest assured that hack-and-slash action will quickly follow when the battle begins.

As this is our final open beta before Tribes of Midgard’s Early Access, Norsfell wanted to introduce our community’s most-requested features. Additions like the war chest really mesh with the spirit of joyous camaraderie in the face of adversity we aim our game to inspire.

Julian Maroda, CEO and Creative Director for Norsfell

In the last open beta a new war chest allows items to be shared between other villagers. While exploring the wild players will want to keep an eye out for the 3 types of merchants that can be discovered. One would be wise to be careful as there are over 20 new enemies with unpredictable spells. However, if dangerous creatures do get too close for comfort, players can use the new explosive jars to keep them at bay.

Other added features include a new armor set and ways to gain experience. Additional emotes and voices to communicate along with mouse and keyboard remapping options have been introduced. A more comprehensive list of changes in this Tribes of Midgard last open beta is available on the game’s Steam page.

Tribes of Midgard’s Last Open Beta begins December 11 at 4 AM ET and runs until December 15 11:59 PM ET and will be available in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian. The game is scheduled for early access release on Steam and consoles in 2020. All the latest information about Tribes of Midgard can be found on the games website at on Twitter, or on the game’s official Discord.

Tribes of Midgard – Last Open Beta Trailer | Norsfell

Norsfell (@norsfell Twitter) is a game developer based in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 2013, a group of adventurers set out with a dream to forge new genres and bring people together. The name Norsfell was chosen as it is a combination of “Norse” and “Fell” which means mountain in old Norse. This was to show the group’s desire to achieve great things no matter how big.