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Widget Satchel Now on Steam & Nintendo Switch

A mischievous ferret aboard a space station from developer Noble Robot, is ready to cause some mayhem in Widget Satchel out now on Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Set aboard a space station in the far future players will meet Sprocket. This little and adorable ferret has a knack for mischief whether it be knocking over things or straight up stealing things. The goal is to escape the playpen and make way to the shuttlebay with as much stuff as possible.

Presented in a Metroidvania-lite single-player fashion, Widget Satchel introduces platforming to a unique satchel weight mechanic that allows players to complete levels quickly. More skilled players will need to find clever ways to solve puzzles, move around, and steal every widget around. There are also dozens of secret collectibles and hidden items. Also, don’t forget about socks!

Players can guide Sprocket to special Fabricator rooms in each level that allows the exchange of Widgets for Doohickeys, which is a fancy word for power-ups. If bots give Sprocket trouble there is the wrench that can be equipped and then show them who is in charge. Jef’s Boots when equipped lets Sprocket get to out of reach widgets. There are a total of five Doohickeys to help out during the adventure.

The game has a dynamic soundtrack that reacts to a players status. Human characters are there to mildly inconvenience as Sprocket tries on every pair of socks and stashes every single widget. There is also no need to worry about getting hurt and there is no game over, however one may lose a few widgets or their socks along the way.

Widget Satchel is available now on the Nintendo Switch and for PC on Steam and at a price of $14.99 USD. PS4 and Xbox One console releases are planned for 2020. A special promotion runs for the PC version on Steam and reducing the game’s price to $11.99 USD until December 3, 2019.

Widget Satchel Launch Trailer | Noble Robot

Noble Robot (@NobleRobot Twitter) is an indie game developer and media outfit founded by Mark LaCroix in the early 2000s. The company also serves as a console porting house and offers technical publishing assistnace for small teams and solo developers who are planning to self-publish. Mark LaCroix is known for his creative work in various fields including commercial film work in editing on the pilot of the animated Danger and Eggs series and animation sequences for NBC’s Parks and Recreation.