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Guntastic Arena Brawler Early Access

Over the top fast shot’em up and beat’em up action awaits in Guntastic, an early access arena brawler from Ludicrous Games. Fast battles last less than a minute and then everyone dies.

In the debut title from Ludicrous Games players can experience fast-paced adrenaline-fueled brawling action in 25 second doses. That is because each match lasts 25 seconds before everyone left alive is forcibly eliminated.

Eliminating opponents is simple. Players only need to use one of the nine deadly weapons currently available for one-shot one-kill gunfights. Whether it is a rocket launcher or a shotgun or even cute walking bombs and energy weapons there are plenty of things that go bang and boom. There are five power-ups that change gameplay and four unique environments available at the start of early access.

The game itself is a frantic frenzy of an homage to past retro 16-bit arcade coin-op games. All of graphics are pixelated with hilarious characters and their associated outfits.

Gameplay is simple to learn as there are just three buttons. However, mastering the game is not as simple. With a kill tally at the end of each round, players will surely want to unleash their competitive side. Four players will compete on one screen in both local and online gameplay.

More content is planned as the game’s developers will continue to development while working with the community following the great experience they had with last month’s beta.

Guntastic is available in early access for Windows and Mac OS X on Steam for $11.99 USD. The latest information on Guntastic can be found on the game’s website at

Guntastic Early Access Trailer | Ludicrous Games

Ludicrous Games (@weareludicrous Twitter) is a two person independent video game development studio based in Lucca, Italy. Founded in late 2016 by Francesco Camarlinghi and Simone Ferroni, the studio is dedicated towards creating original over-the-top video games that are fun to play.