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Mad Games Tycoon Released on Xbox One, PS4 & Nintendo Switch

Toplitz Productions released the previously available PC title Mad Games Tycoon, a game company management sim, to Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. In April of 2019, Toplitz Productions had acquired the PC retail along with the porting and commercialization rights to the game for consoles and mobile devices with a signed agreement from the developer Eggcode Games.

In Mad Games Tycoon, players start off as a small indie studio that strategically works their way up to becoming a big player in the video game industry. This game is more than just playing a video game. Players will need to manage the day-to-day business and logistic needs of the studio that includes renting office space, hiring of staff, and of course creating video games.

With time players can move on to build their own game engines, cut licensing deals, and create a next-gen console. There are over 40 technologies to explore such as graphics, sound, and control. Players can develop and market a game based in or any combination of 15 genres with almost 200 sub-categories.

As the small backyard garage studio grows, players will need to rent more space. The layout design of all the different rooms and areas is up to the player. All that space will need to be organized and furnished with desks, cabinets, and plants that help keep the staff happy.

More space also means more room for staff and departments. Testing, development, training, server room, production, marketing, sound, and graphics will all need to be equipped and staffed with the best people possible. In the end however, it is up to the player to decide on what games to create that people want to play.

Mad Games Tycoon is now available on the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. The game is also available on PC from Humble Bundle and Steam at a price of $14.99 USD.

Mad Games Tycoon Trailer | Toplitz Productions

Toplitz Productions (@Toplitz_Prod Twitter) is an Austrian publisher and developer with the goal of offering games that feature “Heart and Soul” to consumers. The company is comprised of veteran game developers and executives who collaborate with multiple studios throughout the world. Toplitz’s portfolio comprises a mix of sports, strategy, adventure, and simulation games for PC and major console platforms.

Eggcode Games is an independent video game developer based in Germany. Founded in 2010 the studio has developed Mad Games Tycoon and Mad Tower Tycoon.

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