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Shadows of Kepler Kickstarter and Demo

Both the Kickstarter campaign launched and a demo has been released for Shadows of Kepler, the sci-fi horror survival FPS from indie developer Infinite Hole.

In the game, elements of the RPG genre is incorporated into the sci-fi horror survival experience to create a unique first person game style. Players take on the role of Sargent Cooper where they will make unconscious decisions that create a butterfly effect. All choices while some seemingly small will put the player onto a very specific path within this terrifying journey.

The story itself is set after a great catastrophe on Earth. Players find themselves waking up as Sargent Cooper on spaceship where everything appears normal until something bad happens. Cooper finds a new planet named Kepler.

Players are challenged to survive in the unique environment of Kepler that contains several dangerous locations. The spaceship does offer itself as a place of shelter and the characters are there to help players survive. Combat is deadly and stealth is important as players can customize their weaponry as they engage in human and mutant tactical combat.

Even with its hostility and dangers, Kepler itself is a beautiful world. Different areas let players see a little of everything as they struggle to survive their journey. A players space suit helps them survive the environment while helping other humans survive this terrifying world.

A Kickstarter campaign is underway for Shadows of Kepler. The team has worked for two years on this project in their free time. On the campaign page there are lots of graphics, art work, and a full list of backer rewards that includes things such as digital items, art book, beta access, digital meetings with the team, and a real size replica of the Venom Strike shotgun from the game.

Patch 1.0 for the 30 minute demo is now available which includes several fixes to the previously released demo. Delivery of the game is expected in February 2021.

Future plans for the game includes two additional titles within the Shadows of Kepler universe to create a trilogy. The storyboard script for the three games has been developed and the scripts are currently in production with refinements.

Shadows of Kepler’s demo is currently available on Steam. To support the game’s crowdfunding campaign visit the Shadows of Kepler Kickstarter page where the campaign runs until November 20, 2019. The latest information on the game’s website at

Shadows of Kepler – Game Trailer | Infinite Hole

Infinite Hole (@HoleInfinite Twitter) is an indie developer with a very small team. The group first started out with 13 members working on Shadows of Kepler and with time moved towards a smaller 4 member team consisting of a producer, creative director, art lead, and code lead.