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Weekly Rewind: October 19, 2019

Welcome to the Nano Gaming News Weekly Rewind for October 19, 2019. This past week saw several updates to existing games such as Computer Tycoon and CoffeeBiz Tycoon. Vectronom the dancing cube platformer has added mobile devices to its repertoire. Lastly this past week saw the addition of some new early access titles with Little Big Workshop and In Search of a Home.

Little Big Workshop Early Access

Setting up shop into early access comes Little Big Workshop from Mirage Game Studios along with HandyGames.

This past Thursday players where invited into the world of a tiny little yet big workshop located on a living room table. In this world full of tiny workers players participate in a laid back open-ended sandbox-experience where they will want to think, ponder, and poke at things until they work the way one would like.

As the big boss players take charge of the factory from floor layout and design to what the production line looks like. With time the factory can be expanded and the little workers will help supply customers demands of over 50 different products. Of course each product is made of different materials and no two factories should ever be the same.

Little Big Workshop is available on Humble BundleSteam, and GOG for $19.99 USD. Various discounts are available during the game’s launch week on the different platforms. For the latest information about Little Big Workshop visit the game’s website.

Little Big Workshop Official Trailer | HandyGames and Mirage Game Studios

In Search of a Home Early Access

Ghostly Bear Games released this past Tuesday, October 15, In Search of a Home into early access. The game is a strategic leadership roguelike that will appeal to fans of FTL, Battlestar Galactica, and Interstellar.

The independent game studio founded by Riot Games and Popcap veterans has laid out a story set in a post-apocalyptic world where humans are forced to flee their ruined homeworld.

Players will navigate strange, undiscovered planets, survive the internal threats of the fleet, and keep their people and their hopes alive. Along the way players will draft their refugee fleet and then jump between planets collecting the materials found along the way to keep the fleet running, morale up, and the various factions united behind what they hope will be the next jump bringing them to a new home.

At Ghostly Bear Games, we want to make games that players can customize and make their own. Our team draws upon 75 years of collective experience working at major games studios like Popcap Games and Riot Games to create a gaming community like no other, and we’re thrilled to hit this first major milestone.

Carl Kwoh, Founder and CEO

In Search of a Home is now available in early access on Steam for $14.99 USD. For the latest information about the game visit its website at

In Search of a Home – Narrative Trailer – Steam Early Access | Ghostly Bear Games

CoffeeBiz Tycoon Alpha4 Update

TheSociopathSoftware has released the Alpha4 Update for CoffeeBiz Tycoon. This is the fourth major alpha update for the title since it launched into early access in October 2018.

In CoffeeBiz tycoon players take on the role of an entrepreneur in a complicated and fun business simulation. Players start with a simple coffee kiosk where they can brew, expand, hire, beat the competition, build a brand, take on risk, and do what is necessary to become a profitable business.

In the Alpha4 update a new object placing system allows for kiosks and A-board advertisements to be moved around the district. This allows for the business to be run from almost anywhere. A new ingredients system has replaced the previous system. Every ingredient now can be of a different quality with different tastes and freshness.

A new marketing system allows customers to evaluate and make decisions about where to drink a coffee. Players now also have new instruments to understand customers needs and each kiosk can be promoted in every district. Managers can now automatically clean kiosks, buy ingredients, and service or repair their machines. Lastly a new UI style has been added. A full list of changes in the Alpha4 Update is available on the game’s Steam page.

CoffeeBiz Tycoon is currently in early access on Steam for $9.99 USD. The latest information about CoffeeBiz Tycoon can be found on the game’s website.

CoffeeBiz Tycoon Official Announcement Trailer | TheSociopathSoftware

Computer Tycoon Update

Computer Tycoon is being developed by András Illés also known as Progorion. The game has reached its two year mark in early access with it first being released on October 12, 2017. Since then the game has received over 350 reviews and formed a strong community on Discord.

This past week on Monday, October 14, Computer Tycoon released version update which included major changes. New songs, technologies, and product properties along with more design rules, performance variables, and tech features. In addition forced obsolescence after 5 years has been removed and replaced with a natural life cycle.

Several optimizations have been done to reduce system requirements and increase system performance. The game’s UI has seen an update with extras that includes a retro loading screen. A visible research tree is available that allows players to click a node and add multiple techs at once. Opponents and customers have been completely rewritten making them more smarter, balanced, and reasonable. A full list of patch changes in can be found in the Release Notes on the game’s Steam page.

Computer Tycoon is available on Steam in early access for $19.99 USD. The latest information on Computer Tycoon can be found on the game’s website at

Computer Tycoon Official EA Trailer | Indie And’Rush

Vectronom on iOS & Android

Released on Steam and Nintendo Switch back in March of this year, Vectronom from Ludopium and ARTE quickly danced its way into an award-winning success. The game won the Best In Play award at the 2019 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and was selected for the 2019 IndieCade Europe.

The game itself is a hypnotic puzzle 3D platformer about music, geometry, and flow. Players synchronize their movements of a cube to a frenetic beat across an ever-changing environment that pulses with the music. A colorful whirlwind of memorizing rhythmic riddles and puzzles challenges players in a three-dimensional environment. Mobile versions include a number of colorblind modes that players can enable on their own device.

Vectronom is available on both iOS and Android for $3.99 USD. The game is also available on Nintendo Switch and Steam for Windows and Mac at a price of $9.99 USD. For more information visit the game’s site at

Vectronom iOS & Android Trailer | ARTE

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