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Alchemy Garden is Early Access Alchemy Lab Sim

MadSushi Games along with Metaboli Publishing unleashed their flagship title Alchemy Garden, an alchemy lab shop simulation experience, into early access.

After years in the making, Alchemy Garden, lets players take an amazing look into what it takes to run a little alchemy lab and shop. Located on the outskirts of a bustling medieval town, players will experience crafting, exploration, gardening, lab work, and of course shop management.

Through mixing crafting and gathering mechanics with exploration and adventure, Alchemy Garden creates an environment where players can unleash their creativity. Players can create magical gardens where they are free to decorate them with flowers, grass, trees, and many other decorative objects.

Exploration of the world lets a player find new plants and ingredients for their alchemical experiments. Sometimes these resources may be found in hidden exotic areas. There are several biomes with a variety of plants and components for one’s garden.

After discovering new plants one will surely want to experiment with them to reveal their effects. By combining the plant specimens with other material one might even discover new formulas and brew new potions. Of course in order to supply the townsfolk and local heroes, players will need to open up their own stall and start selling their concoctions. The money earned afterwards can be used to buy new tools, seeds, equipment, decorations, furniture, or even a new house.

Both the developer and publisher hopes that Alchemy Garden this title appeals to a wide audience who enjoys exploration and selling handcrafted goods in their own store. Also, they wanted to let players know that early access is just the beginning with several new features planned for the road to Beta and eventual release.

Alchemy Garden is available today, October 18, 2019, in early access on Steam for $8.99 USD. A playable demo is also available on the game’s Steam page. The latest information on Alchemy Garden can be found on the game’s website.

Alchemy Garden Official Demo Trailer | MadSushi Games

MadSushi Games (@MadSushiGames Twitter) is an independent developer founded by Rúben Izquierdo and is located in Spain. Since 2013, Izquierdo had been developing small hobby games. In 2017, he attended a jam where Alchemy Garden was born. Afterwards he worked on the project in his spare time and starting in July 2019, Alchemy Garden became a full time project.

Metaboli Publishing was launched in September 2019 and is an offshoot of the French company Metaboli who also operates the global digital retailer The publisher was setup to find great indie titles and help them deliver the best possible product possible and market the games around the world.