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Little Big Workshop Sets Up Shop Today

Mirage Game Studios along with HandyGames lets their economic sandbox simulation Little Big Workshop open for business today.

It’s time to become the big boss or a little workshop with tiny workers laboring away on a living room table. This cute sandbox experience has all the depth and complexity necessary to keep one playing for hours that includes a full day and night cycle. Taking charge of the tabletop startup factory players are tasked with taking orders, planning their products, and growing the business to keep the money flowing.

As the boss players get to take charge of the factory from organizing the floor to managing the workers. In addition machinery purchases and production line designs will need to be handled within the time limit and to the satisfaction of the customer. The initial workshop is small, but with time it can be expanded to a full blown factory as fancier machines, more room, and more production methods are unlocked.

This tiny world is a laid back open-ended sandbox-experience where players will want to think, ponder, and poke at things until they work the way one would like. An ever changing market presents players with a challenge as they produce and supply over 50 unique product types to clients. All of the products are of course created with different materials and production methods. No two factories should ever be the same.

Little Big Workshop is available starting today, October 17, 2019 on Humble Bundle, Steam, and GOG for $19.99 USD. Various discounts are available during the game’s launch week on the different platforms. For the latest information about Little Big Workshop visit the game’s website.

Little Big Workshop Official Trailer | HandyGames and Mirage Game Studios

Mirage Game Studios (@Mirage_Games Twitter) is a game development company located in Karlstad, Sweden. The studio was founded by four avid gamers in the fall of 2016 in collaboration with THQ Nordic. Since then both the team and the game, Little Big Workshop, has grown in scope and capabilities with now a team of seven people.

HandyGames (@handy_games Twitter) is located in Würzburg, Germany and is a member of the THQ Nordic family that operates as an international publisher for small and mid-sized projects. Focus at the publisher lies on creating and publishing for next gen consoles and PC gaming distribution platforms such as Steam.

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