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Intertial Drift Twin-Stick Racer in Spring 2020

Developer Level 91 Entertainment and publisher PQube have announced that a new 1-on-1 twin-stick racer, Inertial Drift, is heading to PC and consoles in Spring 2020.

Set in a 90s retro future, Inertial Drift offers an arcade style racer with intense 1-on-1 racing. With an impressively unique handling model and re-engineered twin-stick drifting controls players can speed along visually stunning tracks into the pink Japanese sunset.

The introduction of the twin-stick drifting allows players to have twice the control with twice the controls. Every character and their car in Inertial Drift has a unique driving style. Players can pick from the 16 different styles choosing to play their favorite or master them all on their journey to becoming the ultimate racer.

Races are scaled down to duels giving every face-off excitement and a boost to one’s adrenaline when the music picks up and they see their rival’s headlights in the rear-view mirror. Each race takes place on one of the 20 different 90’s retro future stylized tracks flooded by the lights of pick Japanese sunsets and vibrant neon cities.

Inertial Drift is coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One in Spring of 2020. The latest information about Inertial Drift can be found on the game’s website at or @InertialDrift on Twitter.

Inertial Drift – Announcement Trailer | PQube Games and Level 91 Entertainment

Level 91 Entertainment (@Level91Ent Twitter) is video game developer based out of Northern Ireland. Previously working under the name Northern Softworks, the developer was founded in 2017 by Michael O’Kane and Tom Mathews. The goal of the studio is to build games with great feel, smooth flowing action, and highly responsive controls by drawing upon elements of favorite classics updated with modern tastes.

PQube (@PQubeGames Twitter) is a UK publisher, distributor, and service provider for the interactive entertainment industry with a global reach with offices in the UK, France, USA, and Hong Kong. They are a licenses publisher with Sony, Microsoft, Valve, Nintendo, and Apple. PQube also has a hardware division that designs, manufactures, and distributes officially licensed consoles and accessories that includes the brand new Atari Retro range.