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Weekly Rewind: October 12, 2019

Welcome to the Weekly Rewind for October 12, 2019. Between the recent Activision, Blizzard Entertainment, fallout with the suspension of blitzchung and continued fallout from Friday’s latest statement, saying that it has been a busy week full of gaming news might just be major understatement. Other news this past week includes early access details for Chernobylite, 3 Minutes to Midnight Kickstarter, We Were Here adds another title to the franchise, RPG Dark Devotion coming to consoles, and Nanotale types in a release date.

Chernobylite – Early Access Details

After running a successful Kickstarter campaign and a series of closed alpha tests, developer The Farm 51 is ready to show off the 3D-scanned Exclusion Zone in Chernobylite.

Chernobylite is a science fiction survival horror story and experience created by the team who developed Get Even. The game features challenging combat is a disturbing world filled with free exploration, unique crafting, and non-linear storytelling.

Players can opt to ally themselves or compete with the other stalkers of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone to survive. Choices matter and they will determine the fate of companions. Each minute counts when trying to survive as supplies dwindle, people die, enemies are everywhere, and the supernatural dangers are a mysterious threat. Survival is everything.

Chernobylite early access officially kicks off on Steam and GOG October 16 for PCs at a price of $29.99 USD. The latest information about Chernobylite can be found on the game’s website at

Chernobylite Alternate Realities | The Farm 51

3 Minutes to Midnight – Kickstarter

Scarecrow Studio has exceeded the half-way mark of their funding goal for 3 Minutes to Midnight. The game is a story about a small New Mexico town set in the late 1940s where a loud explosion wakes up the town’s residents. However there is one problem. No one in town has their memory.

It is up to a local high-school troublemaker named Betty Anderson the mayor Eliza Barret to figure out what is going on. 3 Minutes to Midnight takes players on a point-and-click graphic comedy full of story, laughs, and cleverly hidden pop culture references.

There are over 50 colorful characters, high resolution backgrounds, seamless music transitions, complex puzzles, and a minimum of 12 hours of gameplay. In addition there are a large number of locations for players to explore as they uncover the story with some featuring night and day variants.

3 Minutes to Midnight is available on Steam for players to wishlist with a planned release date in Spring 2020 with console version to follow at a later date. The Kickstarter campaign runs until November 8, 2019. At the time of this article’s publishing $29,785 USD has been raised of the €50,000 Euro or roughly $55,194 USD goal.

3 Minutes to Midnight – Kickstarter 2019 Project Video | Scarecrow Studio

We Were Here Together – Out Now

The third installment in the We Were Here franchise is now available from Total Mayhem Games with We Were Here Together.

In the third installment the co-op action is closer than ever before. Players will not always be split up from their partner as they can explore together and swap roles in puzzles for a different perspective. However, players need to be careful as Castle Rock has some surprises in store. In addition players can collect an inventory of useful items which can be used later in improvisation to solve puzzles and progress towards the story’s finale.

For the first time players are also able to do puzzles outside from the deceptively cozy base camp and through the sub-zero valleys to the breath-taking frozen caves. Like previous franchise entries teamwork, observation, and smart communication is key to surviving the cold.

We Were Here Together is now available on Steam for $12.99 USD with the Xbox One release planned for early 2020. The latest information about We Were Here Together players can join the official Discord channel at or follow @WeWereHereGame on Twitter.

We Were Here Together – Official Release Trailer | Total Mayhem Games

Dark Devotion – Console Release Dates

Developer Hibernian Workshop and publisher The Arcade Crew previously unleashed the grisly action RPG Dark Devotion on PC back in April of this year. Now it is time for Nintendo Switch and PS4 players to experience the merciless atmosphere of this tension-filled sidescrolling action.

In the game players explore a labyrinth-like temple filled with grim foes who are trying to please the same insatiable god the player is trying to please. Combat is designed to be paced and weighty with mistakes being both costly and impactful. Keeping guard, exploration, and looting are key to success as traps and enemies always lie ahead along with 18 deadly bosses.

Dark Devotion’s is available now on PC at Humble BundleSteam, and GOG for $19.99 USD. The Nintendo Switch and PS4 console versions are set to be released on October 24, 2019. The latest information on Dark Devotion can be found on the game’s website at

Dark Devotion – Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 Announcement | The Arcade Crew

Nanotale – Release Date Announced

Get ready for an atmospheric typing adventure set in a magical dying world. From Fishing Cactus comes Nanotale later this October.

Using a combination of RPG experience and keyboard only typing skills players will discover and interact with other characters, solve puzzles, and unleash magic to defeat enemies. Nanotale is designed to draw players into the rich story of the world and unique game mechanics that challenges the player to constantly sharpen their typing skills.

Players take on the role of Archivist Rosalind who is tasked with cataloging mysterious occurrences and collecting plant and rock samples in a magical valley. During this process secrets will begin to unravel to the looming demise of the planet.

Nanotale is set for an October 23, 2019 early access release date on Steam and can be wishlisted now with the commercial release slated for 2020. The latest information about Nanotale visit the game’s website at or follow @nanotalegame on Twitter.

Nanotale – Early Access Trailer | Fishing Cactus

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