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Weekly Rewind: October 5, 2019

Welcome to the Weekly Rewind for October 5, 2019. It’s a new month and last week had lots of gaming news with Demon Pit getting an October release date, a small update for Staxel, Lost Wing has a closed beta, Destiny 2 is now free, and What the Golf?

Demon Pit – October Release Date Set

The previously announced arena shooter Demon Pit from indie publisher Digerati has set a PC release date for October 17, 2019. Console versions for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One will follow at a later still to be announced date.

Demon Pit is a collaboration between DoomCube and Psychic Software that creates a retro-authentic low poly 3D arena shooter reminiscent of 1990s classics. The features uncompromisingly hardcore skill-based gameplay with 10 types of hell spawn, 7 different weapons, a soul grapple for arena movement, and a constantly changing environment. There is also a kill multiplier and constant killing is needed if a player wants to top the leaderboard.

Creating Demon Pit has been an exercise in balancing speed, challenge, purity and chaos. I want players to fight forward, experiencing its unrelenting pace as they progress through waves of enemies and grasp for their place on the leaderboard.

Paul Conway, DoomCube

Players who want to tryout the game before the launch can play through six waves of hellish creations through the demo available on the game’s Steam page.

Staxel – Patch 1.4.39 Released

This morning a new patch for the open world voxel-based farming sandbox game Staxel appeared on Steam.

In the patch there are three changes of note. First seedmakers will now see a more consistent seed rate with a slightly higher return. In addition golden seeds have a higher drop chance.

Animal hunger also saw some changes. Down from the previous cap of 5, animals who have been left on their own for too long will only now eat 2 servings of food. In addition animals who become too hungry or too unhappy will no longer despawn. Lastly the infinite eating bug for farm animals has been fixed.

Those who dabble in the Staxel culinary arts should be pleased to hear that the Cheesecake recipe no longer requires the Patisserie Mixer. Now that delicious cheesecake can be make in the comfort of one’s own farm house kitchen.

A full list of the Staxel Patch 1.4.39 notes can be found in this post.

Staxel Launch Trailer | Plukit

Lost Wing – Closed Beta this Weekend

Announced yesterday and now well underway is the Lost Wing Closed Beta happening this weekend from 2Awesome Studio and BoxFrog Games.

Players who are looking to get in on the neon sci-fi ship shooter action with a totally awesome electronic soundtrack should do so fast as the closed beta event is at the half-way mark. Interested players need to head over and join the Lost Wing Discord and register at for their opportunity to get a beta key.

In addition to getting into some adrenaline filled high-velocity action players who participate in the beta and share their gameplay on Twitter using the in-game features can win some cool prizes. Keys to previous games from 2Awesome Studio, physical editions, and even a 3D printed collector’s edition Dimension Drive ship are on the list of prizes. Go luck!

Destiny 2 – Now Free on Steam

Now that Destiny 2 is back under publishing control of Bungie from Activision who was the game’s publisher since in launch in 2017, it was only logical that Destiny 3 would be leaving the launcher. Destiny 2 or what is known as Destiny 2: New Light found a new home on Steam and it s free to play.

Existing players will be able to bring all their progress and purchases with them to Steam. This includes their Guardians and vaults at no cost. Full details are available on the site.

The next chapter in the Destiny 2 franchise is called Shadowkeep. The Shadowkeep paid expansion includes all Shadowkeep content as well as the Season of the Undying. In this next chapter players will see an old ally, Eris Morn, as they confront new nightmares when Guardians return to the moon with new areas and once-familiar places having been irrevocably changed.

The Destiny 2: Shadowkeep expansion is now available on Steam for $34.99 USD with a Digital Deluxe Edition that includes a Shadowkeep Deluxe Pack with exclusive Eris Morn themed items, and unique exclusive Seasonal activities and rewards for $59.99 USD. Destiny 2 and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep are also available on PS4 and Xbox One with Google Stadia coming later this fall.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep – Launch Trailer | Bungie

What the Golf? – Available on PC

It’s time to pick up those golf clubs are putt an egg, car, or even a house. Yes, in this new wacky golf game from Triband one can literally throw out those boring rules and say What the Golf?

What the Golf? is a game for those who hate golf. It is a silly physics-based parody of the sport. Every course is a new type of golf with often brilliant, surprising, or absurd means that are going to make some player’s scratch their heads. To get a good idea of how What the Golf? looks like the developer kindly released a launch trailer that does an excellent job of showing off the total and absolute hilarity and absurdity that is What the Golf?

Released this past Tuesday on October 1, What the Golf? can be found on the Epic Games store for $19.99 USD. The game was previously available through the Apple Arcade for iOS 13 and later devices. A Nintendo Switch release is expected later this year.

What the Golf? Launch Trailer | Triband

Be sure to check back next Saturday for another edition of the Weekly Rewind.