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Weekly Rewind: September 28, 2019

Welcome to the Weekly Rewind for September 28, 2019. This past week brought gamers an exciting update to Astroneer, Cities Skylines is now accepting console students, Pixelatto gave a date for Reventure’s Nintendo Switch release, Autonauts are colonizing new planets, and more!

Hello and welcome to the inaugural edition of the Weekly Rewind here at Nano Gaming News. Each week this column will take a quick look at important stories that may or may not have been covered on Nano Gaming News over the past week.

Cities: Skylines – Campus on Consoles

This past Tuesday, Paradox Interactive announced that the latest expansion for the Cities: Skylines franchise titled Campus was now available on the Xbox One and PS4 for $12.99 USD. The expansion had previously been released for PC players back in May of this year.

With the new Campus expansion console players are able to design their own campus based on three types of schools: Trade School, Liberal Arts College, and University. In addition college sports are ready for action with football, basketball, baseball, tack & field, and swimming. Each sport type has their own arena which can built.

Seven new policies such a book fairs and for profit education along with five new maps bring new city design and management decisions. Through sponsoring research citizens can celebrate scientific achievements in museums.

The release also brings the Content Creator Pack: University City, priced at $4.99 USD, and Radio Station Pack 3, priced at $7.99 USD, that can give cities that university town look and sound. And don’t forget to look out for the three new Chirper hats.

Astroneer – Wanderer Update, Roadmap

The wonderful people over at System Era Softworks released the Wanderer Update to Astroneer this past Thursday. In the patch notes details were purposely left vague to not spoil the adventure that lay ahead for fellow space explorers. However, it clearly had something to do with the new scanner and crashed probes that were seen in the Wanderer Update Trailer posted on YouTube.

Included in the update added some new recreational related items in the form of stone figurine pieces that can be located on the various planets. There is a figurine platform to display them on as well. Speaking of platforms there are two new platforms in the form of a large curved and extra large curved platforms.

Lastly, not to spoil the exploration fun with the new scanner, there are new secret suit and Wanderer color palettes. In line with previous updates many quality of life changes and bugfixes were included and can be found in the Wanderer Update patch notes.

A roadmap for Astroneer was presented on Tuesday by Joe Tirado and Veronica Peshterianu of System Era during a livestream on Twitch. The VOD is available on Twitch for viewing where they revealed the names of two more updates, the Groundwork and Creative updates that are set for October and November. The roadmap also lists an unknown update for December.

Astroneer 2019 Roadmap | System Era Softworks
Astroneer 2019 Roadmap | System Era Softworks

Reventure Coming to Nintendo Switch

The 2D nonlinear pixel-art platform puzzler Reventure from the indie studio Pixelatto is heading to the Nintendo Switch on October 8. Previously released on Steam back in June, Reventure quickly became one of the best-selling games on the platform and has received an overwhelming positive response on Steam with more than 1600 reviews.

Additionally there have been over 25 million views on YouTube and Twitch. Reventure has also won the Best Indie Game award in Barcelona’s Gamelab fair and the IBDA Coolest Game award.

In the game itself there are over a hundred different endings. Along the journey several self described “aha!” moments wait for adventurers. There are many unlockable things, loads of secrets, and a bunch of pop-culture references. All of this is featured alongside a beautiful OST that contains more than 15 original themes for the retro indie platform puzzler.

Reventure | Pixelatto
Reventure | Pixelatto

Autonauts Release Date

Colonizing soon on an unknown world somewhere out there in the universe is a space explorer and their robots. Curve Digital and Denki Studios is getting ready for October 17 where they are set to release Autonauts.

Autonauts is the story of a colonizer who starts fresh from their ship. They must gather raw materials and then craft items and robots that help in their colony building efforts. The robots are programmable where players can code their actions by teaching them a process step-by-step.

Each world features a procedurally generated environment with low-poly art styling that pops to life. A consistent and bright color palette creates a relaxing atmosphere by adding depth and scale a violence-free play space.

Autonauts will be exclusively available on Steam for PC when it launches this October.

Autonauts Release Date Trailer | Curve Digital and Denki Studios

Stellar Monarch: The Age of Technology Expansion

Silver Lemur Games this past Monday announced that Stellar Monarch, their 4X space empire builder, is set to see its first expansion The Age of Technology in December of this year.

Stellar Monarch was originally released in December 2016. Since then the game has garnered a positive rating on Steam. The game itself is a grand strategy 4X where the player is the emperor and not a logistics officer. It focuses on the grand scale of the universe with no micromanagement. Along with the traditional gameplay mechanics of the 4X genre, players will need to content with the internal affairs of the empire.

In the expansion, The Age of Technology, players will see a focus on science and technology. There is an improved research mechanic with optional random and hidden technologies, additional technologies, and so forth. A terraforming mechanic , along with new alien races and an option to construct a fearsome mobile star fortress has been added.

For those that prefer the traditional Stellar Monarch , an option to disable the expansion will be available. Several minor features are expected to be in the release of the expansion such as a new planet type and a glorious scientific achievement.

The latest information on Stellar Monarch and it’s expansion can be found on the game’s website or on the Steam pages for Stellar Monarch and the expansion.

Be sure to check back next Saturday for the Weekly Rewind.