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3000th Duel Side-Scroller Action RPG Early Access

Out on Steam today in early access is NEOPOPCORN Corp’s exploration-based adventure-filled side-scroller action RPG, 3000th Duel. The game is designed for fans of dark movie classics such as Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and lovers of Metroidvania.

In 3000th Duel, players lead a mysterious masked hero who has lost their memory in a land of unknowns. Follow the heroes journey as they discover a hard truth about their identity.

The expansive world is huge. Featuring over 300 organically connected biomes our hero will journey through them learning more of his story. Along the way their will be threats. There are over 150 monsters and final bosses. Our hero will use his blade-based, sword-based, and lance-based combat skills to overcome these foes. Blade attacks are for fast quick damage where sword attacks are for massive damage. Lance attacks give the hero long reach for strategic gameplay.

Players can build their main character into the battle type of their preference. Spread across the world map are Occults than can be collected to use Forbidden Magic.

3000th Duel contains deep level exploration and fierce action combats, all set in an obscure, enigmatic universe. You’ll be forced to fight for life as you discover a hard truth to swallow about the identity of your character.

Kiuk Kim, CEO at Neopopcorn

The game is being released into early access with plans to exit early access in approximately two months. In the final version of the game fine-tuning improvements to gameplay along with better UI, graphics, and sound are to be included.

3000th Duel is available in early access on Steam for Windows and Mac. For the latest information about 3000th Duel visit the game’s website or follow @3000thduel on Twitter.

3000th Duel – Early Access Trailer | NEOPOPCORN Corp

NEOPOPCORN Corp is a startup company based in Seongnam, Republic of Korea. The company professionally develops games with its founders having more than 18 years of experience in game development with specialization in action games.