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Nano Gaming News One Year Anniversary

September is anniversary time for Nano Gaming News and this year is the site’s first or better known as our one year anniversary.

So much has came and went in the gaming world over the past year with even more on the horizon. And with that it is time for Nano Gaming News to take a moment and reflect.

When Nano Gaming News was in its early idea conception state the goal was to create a news site about gaming. More specifically a gaming news site for gamers by gamers with features, articles, editorials, profiles, videos, and reviews.

After picking out a name, registering a domain, and building a basic site the challenge quickly morphed into what would be covered. At first the idea was to cover general news on game events, popular titles, indie games, industry business, profiles of people in the industry, review games, and other gaming related happenings. This seemed like a good idea.

Fairly early on in the process of covering various games and stories, Nano Gaming News became more aware of one area where there seemed to be a real lacking in coverage by the mainstream gaming news outlets. Indie games and their developers. Titles from the indie genre that jumped to the top of the Steam charts or generated some major social media buzz would of course get covered by several sites. However, smaller games, from very small, sometimes solo developers appeared to fall through the cracks.

A decision at Nano Gaming News was made to shift focus from the bigger mainstream AAA titles and the large studios behind them to the small or solo studios creating a massive amount of indie titles.

Also, along the way over the past year several small and at times larger lessons were learned. Finding indie games, industry news, and other important topics related takes time. Other lessons learned include site management and development, building up contacts, and a deeper insight into the indie development scene.

Unfortunately, over the past year Nano Gaming News was a part-time solo reporter and editor shop. With that some previously planned features had to be dropped. Sadly this included the ideas of news videos, game review videos, weekly opinion column, company profiles, and a whole host of smaller features.

Looking forward to year two of Nano Gaming News we are happy to announce that some big things are coming.

First a previously planned feature with a weekly rewind that provides a quick rundown of important stories that may have or may not have been covered is set to debut very soon. In addition to this feature a monthly rundown of top stories that we at Nano Gaming News feel are important is set to appear at the end of each month.

Throughout year two Nano Gaming News will be working on providing more reviews, more indie game coverage, and more features.

In the months to come our editorial and opinion section is set for a planned overhaul. The update with changes will bring another previously planned feature to the site along with some yet unannounced additions. No spoilers.

Looking beyond the new year into 2020 Nano Gaming News is investigating ways to bring the previously planned news video section and channel online. We can make no promises here if this will happen anytime soon, but this feature is still on our radar and the desire to implement it is very high.

Nano Gaming News is proud to be celebrating its one year anniversary and are very thankful for you the reader. Be sure to keep checking back often as new stories, features, and surprises are in the near future. If you have any feedback, suggestions, games, or game industry topics you want to see covered drop a line over on our contact form and again thank you for reading Nano Gaming News.