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Pixel Game Maker MV Leaves Early Access

The fully-featured and intuitive 2D game engine from Playism and Kadokawa Corporation, Pixel Game Maker MV leaves early access with its 1.0 version launch.

Considered sister software to the 2 million copy selling RPG Maker, Pixel Game Maker MV simplifies the 2D game development so that first-time developers can craft a game of their dreams. Programming knowledge is not necessary as the new game maker maintains the power, depth, and flexibility required by veteran game designers.

A variety of 2D games can be created on the platform. From side-scrolling beat’em ups to top-down survival horror adventures. Maybe a puzzle platformer or a pixelated metroidvania might be more fitting for one’s design. With this game development studio only a developer’s imagination is the limit.

The built in physics engine lets developers bring to life their side-scrolling or top-down dreams. Local multiplayer support for up to four players is provided. The engine itself can be extended with add-ons built in JavaScript.

In the debut release there are two new sample games. This brings the total number of sample games to 20 which includes the archaeological metroidvania La-Mulana 2 remade in Pixel Game Maker MV. In these example games there are premade sci-fi and fantasy assets developers can use to jump right into prototyping or in their own commercial releases.

A planned 2020 update will add Nintendo Switch porting functionality. This allows the created games to be sold on the Nintendo eShop, published by the Kadokawa Corporation. The software will continue to receive patches and new features as time goes on.

In celebration of game maker’s 1.0 launch the Kadokawa Corporation is holding a Pixel Game Maker MV Game Development Challenge that begins October 3, 2019 and runs until March 1, 2020. The goal is to find fantastic works from the platform’s most talented creators for publishing on the Nintendo Switch.

This launch is not the end of development on the Pixel Game Maker MV engine. Although Pixel Game Maker MV asks for a one-time payment instead of a subscription, we’re committed to supporting our developer community with continuous updates so they can tell their stories with any game mechanics they can dream up.

Noboru Mogami, producer, Kadokawa Corporation

Game designers looking to test drive the software before purchasing can download a free trial demo. The demo will allow designers to transfer work-in-progress projects to the full version. In addition version 1.0 has full Steam Workshop support along with other improvements requested by the early access community.

Pixel Game Maker MV is now available on Steam with English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese support for $84.99 USD. A limited launch promotion is with a 30% discount runs on Steam until October 3, 2019. The latest information about the software can be found on the Pixel Game Maker MV website.

Creating Games with Pixel Game Maker MV | Kadokawa Corporation

Kadokawa Corporation is based out of Tokoyo. The Pixel Game Maker MV team consists of veterans who have been making consumer games for more than 20 years and many whom have worked on the popular RPG Maker series.

Playsim (@PlayismEN Twitter) is a publisher known for bringing popular indie games from Japan that includes Touhou Luna Nights, La-Mulana 2 and One Way Heroics. The company was created with the global indie community in mind while helping developers every step of the way. A recent title under the Playism is Strange Telephone.