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Peck N Run – Cute Offbeat Arcade Game Action

Next week a new cute offbeat arcade game action, Peck N Run, will feature Sand Pipers and regurgitating crustaceans.

Yes, regurgitating crustaceans. Peck N Run features the eternal salty struggle between the sea and a sand piper trying to feed their hungry chicks.

From Spilt Milk Studios comes their brand new label Spilt Milk Shake. Coming from the frustration by the amount of development work that goes unpublished, the new label is for experimental and unfinished games made by the studio. Games get cancelled and prototypes get shelved. Sometimes things are fun to make that don’t have a commercial angle or are a proof of concept mechanic and that is what this new label is for.

The game itself was worked on by a team of three interns who worked at the Tentacle Zone known as the studio’s office space in Farringdon. Programmer Raiyana Haque and 2D Artist Ellie Vong both from ELAM along with 3D Artist and Animator Connor Walls from Purdue made Peck N Run in a fortnight.

Premiering as the debut title for the Spilt Milk Shake label, Peck N Run is a straight forward game. Players take their sand piper on a run across the beach at full speed while pecking at every shellfish they can find. Along the way players need to dodge debris and avoid getting hit by the waves. Getting hit by waves will drop the mouthful of food so the hungry chicks.

Peck N Run is a fast-paced dash for high scores in a game with cute birds, baby chicks, and some not too smart crustaceans. The game launches on Tuesday, September 17, 2019 on the Peck N Run store page at a pay what you want price.

Peck N Run | Spilt Milk Studios

Spilt Milk Studios (@SpiltMilkStudio Twitter) is a tiny independent game developer based in London, UK. Founded in 2010 the studio is a multi-award winning developer with several titles under their brand such as Tango Fiesta and Lazarus. Additionally, the studio likes to participate in game festivals, game jams, and endeavor to support and celebrate the game industry. The studio also has a Discord where players and the developers can easily communicate and chat.