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Die Young Full Version Release

After two years of development, the non-linear survival action first-person adventure, Die Young, leaves early access for full version release.

Developed by independent game developer and publisher IndieGala, Die Young features the story of a young woman. After being dragged to a mysterious Mediterranean island where she must stay alive at all costs.

Die Young is an open-world and dynamic action adventure filled with suspense. The island itself is a picturesque 12 square kilometers of Mediterranean beauty. Natural landscapes and astonishing beauty however mask the deadly threats and dangers of the island.

Players start out finding themselves awakening to having been buried alive and left for dead. Now starving and dehydrated, players will find the struggle has just begun. Utilizing the character’s athletic prowess and parkour skills players will need to jump, climb, run, and escape the dangers of nature and of those who want her dead.

Unlike classic survival games where players spend days gathering resources or building shelters, Die Young has no part of that. The main goal of Die Young is to stay alive. The purpose is to escape and to do as soon as possible. With the hot Mediterranean summer, hydration is a real problem and has to be addressed as one looks for a way off the island.

Exploration is critical. Since the character was stripped of everything of value they have to use more than just their wits. Searching for items and combat equipment can provide some comfort as one tries to survive this nightmare scenario. Along the way players can find out more about the enigmatic dwellers, ancient ruins, dark mines, and caves of the island. They might even uncover the awful truth behind the serene idyllic island.

There are nearly 70 missions and a variety of enemies both human and animal on the island. Core mechanics focus more on puzzle-solving and parkour tactical evasion rather than heavy combat. With lots of story-rich lore to discover the game teases a mature themed immersive suspense-filled journey. In the end, however, one must stay alive and escape.

The game utilizes the Unreal Engine 4 with the aim to visually achieve an intense atmosphere. In 2016 Die Young took the Robert Krakoff Indie Award at Gamerome in 2016.

Die Young is now available in full release on Steam for PC at a price of $19.99 USD. The game is also available on the IndieGala website in the Die Young Deluxe Pack that also includes Downward, a first-person open-world parkour based platform adventure, for $19.99 USD.

Die Young Official Gameplay Trailer | IndieGala

IndieGala (@IndieGala Twitter) is an independent game developer and publisher as well as a digital distribution platform. Based in Rome, Italy, the studio has published titles such as Blockstorm, Stayin’ Alive, Gates Of Nowehere, Red Rope: Don’t Fall Behind, Tyler, Downward, TITANS: Dawn of Tribes.

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