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Into Eternity Point and Click Horror Delayed

Originally set for release this September, Into Eternity, the first-person point and click adventure horror game has been delayed until September 2020. The game is set on a 4 km x 4 km island where players explore the dynamic weather filled island storyline which has six different endings.

Givit Game Studios, Into Eternity’s developer, cited that after a long six months of development they decided to delay the game’s release. The developer went to explain that as the game got bigger in scope they wanted more time to deliver a title to the community that they would be proud of.

Along with the delay announcement came a few notes on what the studio has been doing recently on Into Eternity’s development.

The first scene for Liza, the main character, has been created. She is in her apartment getting ready for her friend Greg to pick her up for a trance party on the island. Every item in the completed apartment can be interacted with.

On the island players can interact with and pick up anything they want. In addition players can go where ever they want on the island. Letters from previously stranded people are available for reading while players decide and choose their own path. Puzzles may be solved in any manner a play likes and the game remembers a player’s decisions. Upon conclusion the game can be replayed over and over again to get different results in the storyline.

Voice over artists have been cast and they will be announced at a later date. The same music composer, Pieter Smal, from the studio’s previous game has joined the team to create a more dynamic and beautiful soundtrack. Both Enslin has also returned as the writer and creative director. Wouter Mare is the studio’s new sound designer.

The final draft of the storyline is the current task at hand and more will be announced with the cast. For the latest information on Into Eternity visit the game’s website at or follow the game’s developer at @givit_games on Twitter.

Into Eternity – Teaser Trailer 2 | Givit Game Studios

Givit Game Studios (@givit_games Twitter) is an independent game development company based out of Benoni, South Africa. Their previous titles include The Adventures of Sam Carlisle The Hunt for the Lost Treasure and The Witch of Erast.