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RoboVirus Party Brawler Now on Steam

The multiplayer party brawler RoboVirus from Stolen Shoes Entertainment has arrived at its launch date and is now available on Steam.

RoboVirus takes place within the megastructure called RobotHive. The motherboard has corrupted because of the RoboVirus. Players are thrown into the arena by the bad motherboard where they fight against death in an ever evolving arena.

Two to four players in either local or online multiplayer modes control the robots Nooker, Quaker, Spoder, and SCAM. A single player mode is also available against computer controlled robots.

Each level features a 3D top-down view of the gameplay arena. Levels contain interactive elements within them such as moving platforms, treadmills, and traps. Players are encouraged to treat each movement with caution while at the same time using the environment to one’s advantage.

There are 8 interactive levels where players can use any of the 9 overpowered weapons to blast their way to victory. Dash is an ability that each robot has that allows players to move quickly to avoid projectiles or get close to their enemies and drop them dead.

The game was designed for a controller in mind and features Xbox and PS4 controller support. Left trigger to dash, right trigger to shoot, left thumb stick to move, and right thumb stick to aim. For menu navigation on the Xbox controller use A and B where for the PS4 controller X and O are used. PC users can still use a mouse and keyboard with the standard WSAD or arrow keys for movement, shift to dash, and mouse for aiming and shooting.

RoboVirus has exited Early Access and is now available on Steam. The price is $9.99 USD with possible plans for console versions in the near future. Interested players can visit the game’s website at for more information or join the RoboVirus Discord.

RoboVirus Launch Trailer | Stolen Shoes Entertainment

Stolen Shoes Entertainment (@stolenshoesent Twitter) is a Finnish based studio that was founded in 2017. They offer services in gaming, software development, graphics, and AR/VR. The crew of Stolen Shoes Entertainment are games lovers, sharing that passion to people around the world through their amazing products.