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Robot Champions Kickstarter Campaign Demo

A new online physics fighter that uses robot combat has entered the arena called Robot Champions with a Kickstarter campaign and playable demo.

Prospect Games, known for Unbox: Newbies Adventure and Terrawurm, has brought a chaotic local and online arena fighter. Gameplay is entirely physics driven allowing players to feel every crunch and crash as their robot warriors crush the competition. Every aspect of the 1-6 player game has been designed with responsive and impactful gameplay so that players enjoy the combat from the very first round.

The lore behind the Robot Champions universe is fairly simple. In the year 2064 robot combat has become the ultimate sport. Roboteers from around the globe build fierce fighting machines that will face battle in a hazard filled arena. Everyone is always invited to attend the greatest show on Earth where Roboteers bash, smash, rip, and flip their opponents into oblivion all for gears and glory.

Getting straight into combat is quick and simple. Players select their robot and apply any perks to modify performance. Add any customization and get ready to fight.

Competition in the Robot Champions arena takes players from Cairo to Tokyo and even the edge of the galaxy. Each arena is packed with hard hitting hazards making every fight explosive.

The Kickstarter campaign for Robot Champions started on August 20 and is looking to raise £30,000 or about $37,000 USD. All of these funds go to help fund the development of Robot Champions. Potential backers have until September 24, 2019 to help fund the project. As of this articles publishing the campaign has raised $19,194 USD with 452 backers and 27 days left to go.

Currently an online pre-alpha demo is available to play on Steam. Robot Champions is currently planned for PC only with a planned 2020 release date. The development team is working towards releasing on as many platforms as possible and with a successful Kickstarter they will be able to reach this goal faster.

The latest information on Robot Champions can be found on the game’s website at or @RobotChampions on Twitter. A Discord is also available for Robot Champions at

Robot Champions Live on Kickstarter | Prospect Games

Prospect Games (@ProspectGames Twitter) is a game developer and publisher based out of Manchester, England in the United Kingdom. They make video games, board games, digital experiences, and more. Past titles include Terrawurm and Unbox: Newbie’s Adventure.