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Drunken Fist Beat’Em Up Game on Steam

A new funny and wacky physics-based beat’em up brawler indie game filled with lawlessness has launched on Steam titled Drunken Fist. The same indie developer has brought other positive hits to the platform such as DON’T DIE and BANG! BANG! Totally Accurate Redneck Simulator.

Drunken Fist is self-described as a totally accurate beat’em up filled with lawlessness and brawling. In essence it is because the game is based on real physics. The addition of simplistic and almost 3D cartoon-like graphics and unfiltered street fights make for more often than not hilarious encounters.

Players take on the roll of a drunk guy who needs to get home. All along the way various enemies will get in the way of the journey home. Naturally one will have to brawl their way through the enemies which will be an assortment of jocks, hipsters, punks, and more. Each will have their own battle style.

Since the player’s character is drunk and this is based off physics, the control of the character simulates the feeling of a drunken brawl. The character will fall over and behave ridiculously as the blows fly past. There are many punches and tricks available to the player.

There are 7 challenging levels in the Drunken Fist that are built like classic beat’em up games. Along the way players can look for food and bottles to help complete them all. In addition don’t forget to urinate. The location whether it be on the asphalt or the enemies is the player’s choice.

Drunken Fist is now available on Steam for Windows PC at a price of $5.99 USD. A special launch promotion runs until September 1, 2019 for $5.39 USD.

Drunken Fist Totally Accurate Beat’em Up | Deklazon

Deklazon is an indie game developer based out of Russia. Past titles include DON’T DIE and BANG! BANG! Totally Accurate Redneck Simulator both of which are available on Steam and have positive reviews.